8 Ways to Grow Your Instagram Followers Lightning Fast [Infographic]

//8 Ways to Grow Your Instagram Followers Lightning Fast [Infographic]

8 Ways to Grow Your Instagram Followers Lightning Fast [Infographic]

Grow your instagram followers fast

How to Grow Your Instagram Followers Fast

Instagram is the new trend in social media, often people are using it more than Facebook or any other social media portals because of its simplicity and very fewer ads compared to Facebook. When you will ask the owner of any popular Instagram account about what he/she is most concerned about for their Instagram account, they will say the number of followers.

The numbers of followers on your Instagram page are like the people of your community, the more people a community have, the more it will grow and offer new opportunities. So here we are presenting you 8 ideas to increase your Instagram followers.

1.Use Hashtags

Instagram hash tag that boost followers

Hashtags are great to increase the engagement on your Instagram posts but it’s also easy to have a negative effect if you are not using hashtags properly. While using hashtags, you must ensure that you don’t hash-tag everything. Use specific hashtags which are relevant and unbranded. Don’t use long or clever hashtags, be precise.

You can also use hashtags of your own brand to increase the popularity of your page.

2.Host a Takeover/ Guest Posts

Allow guest posts on your Instagram page to increase the audience engagement and interaction. Hosting a takeover means inviting an influencer, employee, ambassador, or any member of the community to post on your feed for once. Hosting these kinds of events can help you achieve more audience interaction, getting more followers, or even building a brand.

3.Hold Contests

You know it very well that everybody loves free things, even if they are useless and comes at a cost of just 20-30 seconds. Who won’t like such things? Yes, not the millionaires and billionaires but the middle class and social media engaged audience which is in your community i.e. following you on Instagram. So just hold contests, they will give a whopping raise in your audience engagement.

Hold contests to grow instagram followers

It’s a very good way to reward your current followers and to attract new followers who will come seeking the reward especially if you hold a contest which requires tagging a friend for someone to participate in it. Some other ideas are as follows:

  • Like to win: Participants enter by liking photos on your page.
  • Commenting Contests: Participants enter by commenting on your posts.
  • “Something of your own”: You can also choose a new idea for the competition; it’s just up to you how much creativity you can do for increasing your community members.

4. Find A Instagram Community

With more than 400 million users of Instagram, there are a countless number of communities. However, some mazor communities your Instagram page might be about are food, technology, travel, fashion or health. Just analyze your community and see what the other famous pages related to the community are doing to increase their followers. See what hash tags are most used or the top influencers which you can invite for the feed takeover for some time from a community.

community to Grow your instagram followers

You can analyze these points:

  • Influencers in the community.
  • Hashtags that are most often used for increasing engagement.
  • Style of posts which attracts the most engagement and audience interaction i.e. likes and comments

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5. Post videos to grow your Instagram followers

Videos have been the spotlight for social media engagement and interaction in 2016. According to statistics, videos are likely to attract two to three times more engagement than photos. So you must know that it’s time to start posting videos on your page for better engagement. Videos are categorized into dynamic posts and these posts must be so clear and fun that the people watching them would want to tag their friends in them. Some tips for choosing or making videos for your Instagram posts are:

  • Make it shareable
  • Include a story in your videos
  • Make viewers feel good and engage them
  • Tap into the emotions which will lead to sharing and commenting, even tagging.

6. Post strategically

Every business is reliable on time and strategy; same is the case for the Instagram page which is making money for you. You must pay attention to the time zone of the audience which interacts on your page. Suppose you are living in India and most of the engagement for your page is coming from the United States, then you must schedule your posts according to the time of unites states. The best way to analyze interactive time schedules is to post on different time schedules for some time, and compare which time schedule is getting the most engagement, that’s it…. You must follow that time schedule strategy from now onwards.

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7. Like and Comment on other pages

You might not agree with giving engagement to your competitors at first but this surely increases the chances of getting more Instagram followers. You can also interact with other users by commenting on their posts and including a short promotion for your brand page there. It just takes a fraction of second to like other people’s posts and videos. We bet that this way will surely increase the engagement and followers on your page. Just go to the explore page and double tap on every post you see, here you go… new followers and interactions for your page.

8. Ask Questions

Ask Questions to increase instagram followers

Ask questions to your audience, whether for a contest or just for fun. Questions will keep them engaged with your page. And they will even invite their friends by tagging them to answer the questions. So just select the kind of questions which your target audience can connect to.

These were the best tips from experts of social media & marketing especially Instagram. I hope you enjoyed the article. If I missed anything just add by comment below.

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