Best Instagram Accounts

//Best Instagram Accounts

Best Instagram Accounts

The 25 Top Instagrammers to Follow in 2018

Whether you’re looking to get fit, eat healthy, find your daily dose of humor, check out exotic locations, seek fashion guidance, or seek business advice, Instagram has a wide range of content, celebrities, influencers to suit all your specific preferences.

Here, in this post, we give you the list of top Instagram accounts to follow for the best content and a varied newsfeed.

Let’s dive right in.

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Top 5 Instagram Accounts to Follow When you need a Good Laugh

Ok, here’s a quick question – what’s a typical Instagram user looking for? Of course, it’s entertainment.

Today, the photo sharing social media site has morphed into a place where you can relax, unwind and be entertained.

Here are the top 5 Instagram accounts that are sure to keep the moody blues away. however, be warned – the more you laugh, the more time you’ll end up spending in there.

  1. @baddiewinkle


Who said social media apps are only for the young? See this granny killing it on Insta with her hilarious pic and amazing swag?

  1. @buzzfeed

Buzzfeed is no newcomer to the world of social media.


The popular site is a massive hit on all social media platforms and Instagram is no exception.

When you check out Buzzfeed’s newsfeed, you can find that it has plenty of fun as well as newsworthy posts in equal proportion. S

  1. @miserablemen

Are you a man? Then, you’re sure to totally relate with the posts on this page.


It has hilarious pics of men, who are forced to go shopping with the fairer sex. It’s so relatable, that it’s so damn funny.

If you’re a woman, then you must still follow this page, to understand and appreciate all that men are doing just to get in women’s good books.

  1. @satiregram

As the name suggests, this one is a satirical take on Instagram.


With no pictures, but captions describing typical Insta posts, this one’s perfect when you need a break from all those picture-perfect images.

  1. @kidsaretheworst

If you cannot stand yet another adorable, baby-momma pic on your feed, then this one’s right up your alley.


It shows you the wild side of parenting.

And, you’re sure to feel relieved that there are tons of other parents out there, who are sailing in the same boat as ya.

Top 5 Instagram Accounts for Travel Addicts

Do you wish that you could travel the world? Well, until you save (or retire) to take your dream vacation around the globe, you can have endless virtual holidays with the help of these famous Instagram travel accounts.

  1. @alexstrohl


With over 1.9 million followers, Alex is one of the biggest names in Insta. He posts gorgeous pics of pristine nature from all over the world.

  1. @tommy.clarke

If you desire for a bird’s eye view of the famous (and not-so-famous) tourist spots around the world, then this is the account to follow.


With his work featured in international magazines like Conde Nast, Tommy captures some of the best travel pics on Insta.

  1. @wanderreds


Alvaro Rojas, the man behind this account is on a mission to become the first Spaniard in history to visit every single country in the world. And, right now he has ticked off 124 countries from his list and this includes North Korea too.

  1. @onemileatatime


Ben Schlappig is a full-time travel-blogger who is always on a globetrotting adventure. And, what more, he shares expert tips on maximizing aviation and credit card points, to pay for future travel. Doesn’t that sound awesome?

  1. @lesleyannmurphy


She describes herself as a person who’s always living out of a suitcase and taking the road less travelled.

Check here Insta page for some stunning pics of exotic locations from around the world.

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Top 5 Instagram Accounts for Fashionistas

Thanks to Instagram, celebrity fashion is now more accessible than ever. If you love and breathe fashion, then you must check out these top Instagram accounts for your daily dose of designer fashion.

  1. @themotherchic


A former elementary school teacher and now a mother to four boys, Lindsey, the person behind this account, shows you that it’s possible to jazz up any outfit with the right accessories and attitude.

  1. @iskra

If you think fashion is only for the Size Zeros, then think again.


This British beauty is living it big on the fashion sense, with her no-apologetic pics. No, body shaming. Love everybody is her motto.

  1. @puttingmetogether

Audrey’s bio on Insta goes as follows, “I’m 30-something old, who just loves Target.”


What we love about her is that she transforms regular outfits into gorgeous red-carpet ready styles.

  1. @bricolling


If you love bright outfits, then you’ll fall in love with Brianna Colling’s posts. So colourful yet so elegant, this one’s sure to brighten up a gloomy day.

  1. @joandkemp

A husband and wife duo, Jordan and Kemper are giving some serious #couplegoals and #fashiongoals for the rest of us.


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Top 5 Instagram Accounts for Health & Fitness Inspiration

What better way to stay in shape and reach your health goals, than by following the Gods of Fitness & Healthy Eating on Insta?

  1. @kaylaitsines

The original fitness queen on Insta, Kayla’s programs have helped thousands of women across the world get their ideal body. Her before and after pics are sure to get you motivated.

  1. @thebodycoach


If you’re looking for simple, delicious and healthy meals that can be prepared within fifteen minutes, then this is the account to follow.

  1. @maevemadden


She is known for honest and relatable posts. A look at any one of her fitness videos will have your jaw hitting the floor, marveling at her immense strength and flexibility.

  1. @sjanaelise

Check out her profile for gorgeous photos of her doing yoga on some of the scenic beaches in and around Australia. She believes yoga is as much for the body as for the mind.


  1. @caloriefixes

This is one of the most informative Insta accounts. It helps you control your portions and stay within your calorie limits, with easy to follow tips and guides.


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Top 5 Instagram Accounts for Photography Enthusiasts

Love taking photos? Looking for some inspiration, then make sure to follow these photography experts on Instagram.

  1. @adamsenatori

Adam is a real-life pilot and his Instagram account is a collection of photos from various places he has been to.


And, if looking at Adam’s feed doesn’t give you the travel itch, then we don’t know what else will kindle your wanderlust.

  1. @brahmino


Simon Bramante stands out from the hundreds of landscape photographers on Insta, by clicking stunning landscapes with human subjects in the foreground. Every click of his has a story to tell.

  1. @ilhan1077

If you’re looking to pick some photography tips and tricks to improve your skills, then Ilhan Eroglu is the perfect account to follow.


  1. @cschoonover

It’s hard to believe that Chris Schoonover was clicking pics with his iPhone until recently.


He is one of the best portrait photographers on Insta and his is more of a photo journalistic style.

  1. @haakeaulana

If you love the ocean and everything Hawaii, then it’s time to say “Aloha” to Ha’a Keaulana. His images portray the fiftieth state in a never-before seen angle.


Add these popular Instagrammers to your feed and brighten up your Insta feed!

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