Boost Your Business on Instagram

//Boost Your Business on Instagram

Boost Your Business on Instagram

5 Deadly Simple Tips Can Boost Your Business on Instagram

We understand how Facebook is a nice tool for your photography.

But a lot of us have pages that are sharing our work in order to attract new clients and get noticed.

There are several social media tools that are likely to be powerful.

Instagram is yet another tool to market your photography business.

When I started my photography venture, it took just a few months to build my clientele with Instagram and word of mouth.

Here are some of the vital things to know when it comes to use this photo sharing platform for business.

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1. Using Geotag to List Location

I always geotag my post at the top. I never forget adding location to my photo.

These posts are likeable so others can click and see the images from that particular location.

You can attract people around you to see your feed.

2. Hashtags

They are the most important thing about Instagram. These hashtags link your post with other posts sharing the same hashtag.

On Instagram, users can look for these hashtags and find images based on them. You need to find the right hashtags for you.

You can post hashtags and get people from your area so they can see your work and call you to book your sessions.

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3. Keep Your Account Public

Be sure to set your account “Public” if you want everyone to see your work. Some users don’t make their private account public. But if you are running a business account, it must be public.

4. Have a Clean Account

Be sure to have clean, consistent, and relevant Instagram feed for the business. Be sure to have a good bio with website so you can get found to book your sessions.

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5. Get Featured

According to what type of photos you shoot, you need to find an account which features the same kind of work frequently.

For instance, I often do wildlife photography. And I found few accounts related to it.

I got my work featured for seven times. I have got great exposure and several new followers.

If you are a photography lover, Check how to promote your photos on instagram and you will definitely get helped with the above tips.

You can just use a hashtag and find a lot of similar accounts you should follow.

There are lots of new and experienced photographers who are featured on Instagram.

You can easily get your work done there. You can get great exposure and a lot of new followers.

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