How To Create Attractive Instagram Content

//How To Create Attractive Instagram Content

How To Create Attractive Instagram Content

Every Instagrammer loses their mind with the chances of upcoming algorithm to restrict their audience reach.

The launch of News Feed on Facebook has limited the brand pages’ reach drastically with a lot of fans.

Here are some of the important lessons shared to help you look at things in a unique way to build a better presence on Instagram.

Attractive instagram content

Share Your Personality

The Space150’s Executive Creative Director and an artist, Brock Davis recommends to connect your work on a human level.

When an idea seems to have a soul, people consider it more often.

His images have great fun and familiarity that have daily and common items looking in a unique way.

Anyone can do static shots and framed.

Make Others Stop Scrolling

Grabbing the eyes of people so that they stop scrolling is very challenging on Instagram and that approach is clearly seen in the work of Jessica Walsh.

She just takes a unique and simple idea and add a new look to it.

You may have seen inspirational quotes in same, basic formats and fonts on Instagram.

She has thought it and came up with an innovative way to present the best idea to make it active and alive immediately.

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Create Stand-Out, Striking Content

The Creative Director and Founder of El Motion Club, Birdy Ben takes a different approach with his focus on bringing the content back to life and animation.

When everyone will not be able to make video content of quality level displayed here, he focuses on standing out with striking visuals and bright colors to make a lasting impression and make others stop scrolling to have a look.

On Instagram, quality images are very important to produce content which looks compelling.

It can have an attention to detail that you can feel. When composing quality pictures, you may try something different and new.

You can stand out with effects and colors that can grab the eyes. Even though you cannot create videos like Birdy Ben, there are several video editing options and tools out there.

Discover Your True Passion

Havas Worldwide’s Jason Peterson claims that Instagram creators should tune into your true passion.

No matter what your interest is, micro-communities often live in Instagram and you need to target them.

He suggests you to learn the interest, user experience and community of each brand.

He highlights the value of knowing your audience, and authenticity.

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