Drive Traffic with Instagram – The Secrets You Should Know

//Drive Traffic with Instagram – The Secrets You Should Know

Drive Traffic with Instagram – The Secrets You Should Know

  • Do you want more traffic with instagram?
  • Do you want to optimize customer’s experience with images and short videos?
  • Do you want to create a brand image to make your business visible to new market?

You can easily get a great start on Instagram.

All you need to sign up for Instagram account (you may use the same id as your Twitter handle), add a brand logo or profile photo, and a link to the website, connect it to Facebook so your followers can follow you also on Instagram.

It is not enough for you. Many brands get confused with what to do next after doing that.

Here are the tips and tricks shared by experts to capitalize on your business presence with your Instagram account.

Instagram Secrets

Know How to Use Instagram for Your Business

Businesses have been gathering in droves at Instagram.

You can visit official blog of Instagram “Instagram for Business”, which offers brand spotlights, tips, news and API examples direct from Instagram Headquarters.

You may check their blogs out and stay up to date with some of the amazing ways to utilize this platform for your business.

Blend Your Business Pictures with Fun Images

You should get the most of increased area you have by using the Instagram webpage and tell a story using the images.

You should have the perfect balance of pictures of your business and fun images.

The brand Anthropologie has set a best example of a perfect balance of fun and business.

Their followers love both types of images.

A picture of personal shoppers posing at the luncheon event of the company got around 3400 likes and a puppy picture got around 7500 likes. Find out what your followers love by tracking the engagement on images.

Start with Videos

The recent Video on Instagram has become a great competitor for Twitter’s Vine to beat.

A filter-enabled, 15-second editable video has remarkably been compared to 6.5 seconds of Vine videos.

Increase your Following

You should consider these tips to get more followers on this social platform –

  • Use Popular, Relevant hashtags
  • Connect to your Facebook account
  • Enhance engagement by liking the pictures of others and following them
  • Connect and share some images to your Facebook page using a hashtag related to your brand image and campaign to help your followers know that you are also on Instagram.
  • or buy instagram followers cheap and fast

Embed Instagram Video to Your Website or Blog

Instagram has launched new embed feature for web browser version.

You can get more helpful insights along with examples for how and when you should use videos.

As you never know who are going to see what you have shared on social media platform, embed your video in your website or blog to expand your reach.

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Generate Flexible Plan for Posting Things on Instagram

There is no need to post everyday on Instagram. The frequency is still laid back on Instagram.

If you post a lot, you might be able to saturate the feeds of your followers and you shouldn’t force yourself into the clutter.

Consider what you have to post and make a schedule to find out what to post when and to keep track on what’s working.

Follow who is Following You

Your followers can make all the difference in social media platform.

Several brands actually don’t follow back, especially larger ones on Instagram.

Well, they already have thousands of followers so they don’t need marketing.

If you are a small brand and want to create strategic relationships, you need to find brands and people you can learn from among your followers and follow them.

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Inspire Your Potential Customers

You should post pictures which are relevant to your potential customers and your brand.

This way, Whole Foods Market publishes pictures to promote wholesome, healthy food items, sustainability, store events and active community of staff and customers.

You can attract your desired market using images which have an inspiring and compelling story within.

Use the Potential of Apps

There are some of the apps you can use to enhance your experience in photo sharing. There are different apps to search keywords and tags, print images, download all the photos in an individual archive folder, subscribe to profiles through email and even more. You can add these apps as the important part of your strategy of social media marketing.

Use No-Filter Images and Filter Types Together

There are loads of filters on Instagram that can change the feel and look of your pictures.

According to a study started by Simply Measured, around 59% of the top brands in the world are active.

Their findings shed lights on different choices across filter photos.

Lo-fi is considered to be the filter selected for 14% of filtered photos of brands.

Similarly, Rise for 12%, Valencia for 12%, Hudson for 9%, Amaro for 11%, X-Pro II for 8%, Sierra for 9% and Hefe for 7%.

Filters are much more than aesthetics as they can tell everything about you. You can try a new filter every now and then and choose the no-filter way.

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Get Started with Your Instagram Efforts by Changing Your Perspective

In order to taste success on Instagram, brands need to get past their interest in selling.

You can cultivate a unique sense and share a unique view to the world.

It is important to capture things which are interesting for the brand and to the target customer.

You should train your eyes and focus on everything that makes a provocative, appealing and engaging image.

Assign someone knowledgeable in your company to handle your Instagram presence who understands aligning images with your target customer’s interest.

Leverage Photo Contests with Facebook on Instagram

On Instagram, businesses can easily host contests with hashtags to organize RSS feeds and submissions to follow with new photos when they are added.

amsung Camera has set the best example with trending hashtag #LiveTheMoment to promote photo contest on their page on Facebook.

Use status updates to motivate your fans to enter your photo contest.

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Use Trends to Market Your Brand

Do you remember when #followfriday on Twitter felt avant-garde? The users can use a lot of trending hashtags in order to join a huge part of storytelling.

Charles Mazzini reminds the days when weeks used to start with #ManCrushMonday and finish with #SelfieSunday.

You have to find the hashtag which is trending and relevant to your strategy and enroll from your brand with images.

Optimize Your Existing Instagram Profile

Like Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms, Instagram profiles should have brand info in different ways (specific image sizes, maximum character count, and attention to branding).

Check out the list of Brandon Gaille on things to add in your profile.

You can see the easy-to-understand graphic illustration where everything is shown.

You should complete profile with all the details customers need to search for you and partner with you.

Use Analytics Tools

You can use image analytics tools like Curalate and BlitzMetrics which can provide detailed insights to find out the status of your brand on Instagram.

According to Tim Peterson, Curalate can track the likes and comments of Instagram posts so a brand can see how this popularity improves the number of followers and it also capitalizes on popularity.  

A denim brand used this platform to analyze how an image doing on Instagram.

Then it pushed this image as an ad and it resulted in the most engaged ad on the brand till date.

Use Analytics to recognize video and images that can connect with your followers and fans.

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Promote Business on Both Instagram and Facebook

When an entity like Facebook buys a platform, great things happen.

This time, both Facebook and Instagram are offering a unique opportunity for brand promotion.

According to James Borow, brands create videos, share them to Facebook pages and boost them into media which hits the news feed on Facebook.

It works in the same way that t hey boost photo posts and texts.

This way, brands can easily reach 818 million active users on Facebook that dwarfs 130 million users on Instagram.

Without having to advertise, it is now benefiting from Instagram.

It is all about sharing and capturing the beautiful moments in the world and it distributes them on the largest social network in the world.

This way, you should capitalize by integrating Instagram with Facebook to reach a huge audience base.

Showcase Employees’ Photos

By showing staff at work, you cannot just provide behind-the-scenes insights to your followers about the company; you can also pay tribute to your staff and show how much their efforts are valued.

Beaucoup Bakery is a great example of it. They share photos of their staff with #beaucrew hashtag.

This way, you have to acknowledge the success, skill sets and milestones of your staff members on this platform.

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Reward your Followers

American Express offers backstage entries to its followers to various events like concerts, fashion shows and US open.

According to Collins Paris, retail brands should offer promos and discount codes to reward their followers.

They should offer perks to the followers. This way, they will be lured to give priority to your feed content.

Give a Visual Experience to Your Followers

You should use your product in a way that you can start something innovative.

A lot of your followers may show their pictures in different colors.

You have to look for an innovative way to showcase how your services and products are used.

Use Hashtags Relevant to Your Niche

If you are at a location or event which is described by hashtag, you can add it to your pictures so event organizers and attendees can easily find them.

You need to track the relevance of hashtags with your business.

This way, there is an Instagram engagement and analytics platform, Nitrogram, which provides key metrics on hashtags like content, contributors, context and engagement.

Record Important Moments and Share Them

As a brand, you can share unique experiences in your company, co-create content for audience, highlight your brand advocates, a specific cause, preview products, and extend the persona of your brand through video, share important news, add visual content by previewing upcoming events, leverage video for promotion, drive promotional awareness, and create videos which showcase love for fan.

You should capture the valuable moments of your company in 15-second video and share with fans and followers to involve them.

Showcase Something New

ABC World News showcases the pictures of a broadcast they are going to do later in their day.

Instagram can give a sneak peak or first look to your followers about an event, news feature or a new product.

Connect to Other Brands

As discussed earlier, it is always wise to follow other brands. Statigram is considered to be the best tool to find hashtags and brands which relate to your brand.

All you need to enter hashtag or brand name in search box and go to Search. You can this tool to follow, search and research your rivals on Instagram.

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Edit for Longer Film and Switch between Images of Instagrammers

You can take example of Lexususa which has a great and innovative vision for their #LexusInstafilm.

They have used images of 212 Instagrammers and edited a 3:44 video on Instagram to show 2014 Lexus IS.

As an Instagram user says, the brand is a best example of what Instagram is all about.

It is a community which works together.

The crowd-sourced images are transformed into unique video message which highlights and features creativity of loyal followers.

Add Some Fun to Your Brand

Running a business needs hard work, dedication and sometimes stress.

But it doesn’t mean that it is about all work and no fun.

Instagram is designed to display fun times in your office or when you are away and having dinner or lunch with staff.

You can share such types of images with your followers.

It shows that you are not too serious with life and you are successful and happy in your career.

Your brand may appear dull if you are about all work and no fun on Instagram.

You should add images which showcases your casual side to add stronger connections with followers.

This way you can use this social platform to create a unique presence for the business.

You can try these tips to improve your brand.

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Know These Recent Changes on Instagram to Succeed

Video Length Now Increased

Want to share longer Instagram videos? Well, for your information, Instagram has increased the length of videos from 15 seconds to one minute.

With the latest version, a lot of users must use this capability. You can now shoot video from Instagram app directly or use your library.

With these features, you can turn the sound off, add filters and choose cover photo.

By implementing these changes, you can share more content, especially when you want to repurpose content from networks like downloading story video of Snapchat to your Instagram.

Videos Now Showing Viewers and Views

Today, you can easily find out the number of people viewed your videos.

All you need to see the bottom of videos to see the view count.

By clicking on the number of views, you can see the likes count apart from the option to follow the ones who clicked like on your photo.

This way, you can find out how much reach you can get and engage.

In case, hundreds of people viewed your video, but only a few clicked like on it, it is wise to assume that it didn’t boom well with audience.

If you have hundreds of likes and views, the video is truly winning.

Add Call to Action to Enhance Click-Through Rate

When someone visits your Instagram profile, a call to action can attract visitor to your profile.

All you need to link your profile to your ad. Keep in mind that it happens only if users visit your profile by tapping over the ad.

If they had to access it somewhere else, they may not find any call to action.

Linking is something you should consider when it comes to choose call to action button.

When someone visits your profile from your ad, you may have to show a profile bio and call to action which aligns with the campaign.

Do you want Book Now, Apply Now, Donate Now, Contact Us, Learn More, Download, Sign Up, Shop Now or Watch More over the top of profile?

What your link and bio text would be? For every campaign of Instagram ads, be sure to keep it in mind.

Tap on Image Ads Shows Call to Action

This way, when a visitor taps on your photo ad, it will reveal call to action set by you.

You can help users click and access your app or website, according to what is configured to set up Instagram ad.

Keep in mind that it is not the case with Instagram’s ad videos.

It will turn the sound on if you tap on ad video once.

When you tap again, it will turn the sound off. To like video, perform a double tap. It is just like you do on ad image.

When it comes to choose between video and image, you have to keep this point in mind.

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Visibility of News Feed Shifts with Algorithm

When a lot of people are focusing on logo change, the introduction of enhanced algorithm is the biggest change here.

When you get a close insight on your own news feed, you have to notice that will not be arranged in chronological order which shows latest posts first.

Instead, you have to see posts in a way that Instagram seems to be very important for you.

It’s not the overall recency or engagement which wins over the news feed.

Instead, it is about how much you think you care about Instagram user.

For instance, a picture without comments and with 9 likes in three hours from someone you engage with occasionally is far ahead of a picture with over 640 comments and 180k likes in an hour from a celebrity who has a verified profile whom you don’t engage with.

In order to ensure that you see the posts of specific people more often, you can have two options as an individual.

First of all, you should seek posts and enhance engagement.

On the other side, you can click on three dots at the top right corner of their profile or photo and choose the option “Turn on Post Notifications”.

This way, you are not going to miss out on the posts from users you are going to see.

As a business, on the other hand, you will want to teach your fans regarding new algorithm and how they can avoid missing out your recent posts.

On an email newsletter or in a blog post, tell your users that they have to engage with your posts and turn post notifications on to stay up to date with latest content.

Eventually, Instagram will become like Facebook.

In order to reach your target audience, you may definitely want to get into Instagram ads that can easily be created with Facebook Ads Manager.

When Instagram doesn’t have advertisement option to achieve targeted followers or to promote just to your followers, they have options for Instagram ads to support you to drive more traffic to your site and get more downloads.

This time, you have to forget about new logo on Instagram.

After linking to your profile with Instagram logo on the website, you need to update it with official version and focus on things which really matter the most for your marketing strategy.

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