Funny Instagram Memes

//Funny Instagram Memes

Funny Instagram Memes

50+ Funniest Instagram Memes, that will Have You in Splits & ROFL

Let’s Celebrate the Power of Humor that Fuels the Internet’s Engines

Come on, let’s all agree that memes are the best things to happen on the internet, Ever.

Period. Yes, we are talking about those gifs and images that keep us smiling through the day, without letting the world’s pressures overwhelm us.

And, yeah Instagram wouldn’t be nothing more than stylized food pictures and filtered selfies, without memes.

The digital world without memes would be a joyless desert with nothing but news alerts, scandalized social media posts, the endless #challenges and nothing more.

Fortunately, you don’t have to imagine that nightmarish online world, thanks to the fact that we’ve got endless memes making the rounds every day.

And, thank goodness most memes are hilariously funny.

Here, in this post, we’ve collected some of the top funniest memes of all time.

You may have seen a few of these earlier, but these are classics that’ll never fail to bring a smile on your face again.

Let’s get ready to ROFL.

  1. The Bad Joke Eel

No points for guessing what this eel specializes in – yep, bad jokes. Sometimes the best jokes are the ones that are so bad, that you cannot but laugh.

funny instagram memes - bad joke eel


funny instagram meme - bad joke eel

  1. Prankster Joe Biden

There’s one unwritten rule on the capitol – vice presidents who don’t run for presidency usually fade into obscurity but not Joe Biden. He is immortalized in memes.

funny instagram meme - prankster joe biden


funny instagram meme - prankster joe

  1. Meet Bill

The stick guy who makes passive-aggressive comments fun.

funny instagram meme - meet bill


funny instagram memes - meet bill

  1. Business Cat

Need to crack some joke at work? Business cat to your rescue. And what better way to get your point across than with this super adorable smart kitty?

funny instagram memes - business cat


funny instagram meme - business cat

  1. The Awkward Moment Seal

Finally, someone who understands all your awkward and embarrassing moments.

funny instagram meme - the awkward moment seal


funny instagram memes - the awkward moment seal

  1. The Drake Meme

This one’s more than two years old, but it never gets old.

funny instagram memes - drake meme


funny instagram meme - drake meme

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  1. Condescending Wonka

Sarcasm couldn’t be expressed any better than this.

funny instagram meme - condescending wonka


funny instagram memes - condescending wonka

  1. Sponge Bob Memes

There’s no dearth of Sponge Bob memes on the internet. After all, what’s there not to love about this so funny cartoon?

funny instagram meme - Sponge Bob Memes


funny instagram memes - Sponge Bob Memes

  1. Grumpy Cat

If Monday had a face, then it’s certainly this.

funny instagram meme - grumpy cat


funny instagram memes - grumpy cat

  1. Chemistry Cat

So far, this is the third cat in this list. Is it because cats are naturally funny, or do we make them look like that?

funny instagram meme - chemistry cat


funny instagram memes - chemistry cat

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  1. First World Problems

There are tons and tons of hilarious, yet totally relatable memes on this one.

funny instagram meme - first world problems


funny instagram memes - first world problems

  1. The Kardashians

It’s hard to imagine the internet without the Kardashian clan. And, it’s only right that they provide the content for a couple or a hundred of memes.

funny instagram memes - The Kardashians


funny instagram meme - The Kardashians


  1. Sheldon Cooper

We’re so sad that the Big Bang Theory is on its final season. But, we guess Sheldon Cooper will live long in our hearts and the internet, thanks to the dozens of memes out there.

funny instagram memes - sheldon cooper


funny instagram meme - sheldon cooper

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  1. Taken

Some movies go on to become classics. Others become memes.

funny instagram memes - taken


funny instagram meme - taken

  1. Fortnite

Not many agree why this game became such a massive hit. From celebs to teens, everyone was hooked on to it for some time.

funny instagram meme - fortnite


funny instagram memes - fortnite

  1. PUBG

This one’s certainly the game of the year and it looks like it’s well on to getting cult status.

funny instagram meme - pubg


funny instagram memes - pubg

  1. Michael Jackson

It’s only fair that the King of Pop gets his share in memes.

funny instagram meme - michael jackson


funny instagram memes - michael jackson

  1. Distracted Boyfriend

Well, this one’s hilarious for plenty of reasons. A classic example of how a stock photo has the potential to end up as a viral meme. And, what’s with the millennials going crazy over avocado toast???

funny instagram meme - Distracted Boyfriend


funny instagram memes - Distracted Boyfriend

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  1. The Ice Bucket Challenge Meme

Remember the Ice Bucketfunny instagram meme -The Ice Bucket Challenge Meme


funny instagram memes -The Ice Bucket Challenge Meme Challenge that went crazy, a few years back?


  1. The Dress Color

The time the internet went crazy over a sad looking dress.

funny instagram meme -The dress color


funny instagram memes -dress color


funny instagram memes -The dress color

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  1. The Perfect Avocado is a Myth

All those who have ever gone avocado shopping can relate to this one.

funny instagram meme -The Perfect Avocado


funny instagram memes -The Perfect Avocado

  1. The School Bell

Well, this one, we’re sure you can relate to, even if you have haven’t stepped into a school in decades.

funny instagram memes -The school bell


funny instagram meme -The school bell

  1. Babies Memes

There’s no arguing that babies are adorable, especially when they’re on memes. After all, you don’t have to hear them screaming right?

funny instagram memes -The babies memes


funny instagram meme -The babies memes

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  1. Netflix

Ok, if it weren’t for Netflix, we would all be productivity super-heroes. But, then what’s the fun in that?

funny instagram meme -netflix

funny instagram memes -netflix

  1. Dinosaur Memes

These creatures may have stopped existing for a long time, but they still provide fodder to the internet era.

funny instagram meme -dinosaur


funny instagram meme -dinosaurs


funny instagram memes -dinosaur

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  1. Game of Thrones

One of the most watched – rather most debated and speculated shows of all time, GoT is a favorite topic for meme creators. With the next season in the making, we can see more and more of GoT memes.

funny instagram meme -the game of thrones


funny instagram memes -the game of thrones

  1. What I Really Do

This is one series of meme templates that have been used in so many memes, but still never fail to make you laugh.

funny instagram meme -what i really do


funny instagram memes -what i really do

  1. Twilight

This is one series that seems to have fans and haters in equal numbers.

funny instagram meme -twilight


funny instagram memes -twilight

  1. Twilight and Harry Potter crossover memes

These are way more hilarious than they actually should be. Do you feel the same way?

funny instagram meme -Twilight and Harry Potter crossover


funny instagram memes -Twilight and Harry Potter crossover

  1. Fist Bump Baby

This gotta be the most popular meme of all. The fist pump baby.

funny instagram meme -fist bump baby

Ever wonder how the baby looks like now? Well, here’s the 10-year old!

funny instagram memes -fist bump baby

Is your favorite meme in this list?

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