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Funny Instagram Videos

15 Best, Funny Instagram Videos that will have you in Splits

There are days when you wish you could crawl into a hole and never come out of it forever.

Whether you’re feeling overwhelmed with work, stuck in boring classes, or had a spat with your [fill any relationship], there are plenty of instances, when you reach out to Instagram for a quick respite from all, that’s weighing down on you.

With over 500 million daily users, Instagram has plenty of fun stuff for you.

However, the photo posting site can feel a bit cloying at times. If you’ve had enough of food pictures, the perfect beach selfies, gorgeous sceneries and sunsets and the omnipresent mirror selfies, fret not!

Here, in this post, you can find a list of the top funny videos to help you get out of your funk. We’re pretty sure that these videos will at least make you smile – if not, burst out laughing!


Check out these famous Instagram funny videos in no particular order and snap out of your bad day.


  1. What do Harry and Meghan do after they get married?

Ok, the royal wedding has been making the news for some time now and looks like the #RoyalWeddingFever isn’t going to die anytime soon.

Funny Videos on Instagram -the innocence

Here, in this funny video check out what this adorable kid thinks that the Royal Couple does at their wedding.

Ahhh, the innocence of childhood!

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  1. Kids and Spills attract faster than a Magnet to Iron

This next video also stars an adorable kiddo (we guess things that kids do are funny, especially when they aren’t yours).

Funny Videos on Instagram - tag your friends

In this, you sorta guess the ending, but that doesn’t make it any less funny though.

  1. What happens when you have too much Butterbeer?

Ok, for all Harry Potter fans out there, this one’s for you! There’s no arguing the fact that butterbeers are one of the best drinks invented in all time.

Funny Videos on Instagram this just made my day

But, with that said, what happens when you glug more than a few mugs of this non-alcoholic, wizardry brew? Find out in this hilarious video.

  1. Why iPhone users are a breed of their own

If you’re an iPhone user, we’re pretty sure that you could relate to this one.

Funny Videos on Instagram - iphone users

Even, if you don’t own an iPhone, we’re sure that you would have at least come across a few friends like this in your gang.

  1. Distract the cashier till mom dashes to grab forgotten groceries

We’ve all experienced this. You may shop all the aisles for hours, but only when you reach the checkout counter do you remember the one item that you came shopping for.

Funny Videos on Instagram Why is this song now stuck in my head

What then, it’s your responsibility to distract the cashier, while your shopping partner in crime runs off on a crazy dash to retrieve it.

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  1. Why is this so relatable?

How many times have you scrolled through your feeds on social media only to end up feeling so disappointed and frustrated with life?

Funny Videos on Instagram why is this so relatable

Does it feel like all your friends are out vacationing on some exotic tropical islands, or partying like there’s no tomorrow, while you’re stuck trying to figure out ways to make your salary last till the end of the month?

This one entirely nails this feeling.

  1. Why oh why?

The struggle is real. You try your damn best to be productive, while your brain comes up with all sorts of creative ways to keep you distracted from the task at hand.

Funny Videos on Instagram Relatable tag your friends

  1. When you think that you’re having the worst day ever

Ok, if you think that you’re having the worst day ever, think of this poor woman who’s stuck in a basketball hoop! And, her embarrassment! Reminds you of Leslie Knope, ain’t it?

Funny Videos on Instagram - basket ball

  1. Dogs are super hilarious

No more explanation needed. Just watch the video!

Funny Videos on Instagram cats

  1. Ok, Cats too

Even, if it feels like we’re at the end of their jokes.

Funny Videos on Instagram Cats sometimes are sweet

  1. How you feel during those endless meetings

The struggle is real. You try to look and feel awake, when your eyes and brain just do the opposite.

Funny Videos on Instagram LMAO

  1. Old people are the Best

This couple gives us some serious #relationshipGoals. Ever wonder what makes old people so cool, without them trying to be cool? Check out how this adorable couple groove together!

Funny Videos on Instagram Goals

  1. The Mandatory Post-breakup Phase

If #SingleLife could be summarized in a single video, then it’s this one.

Funny Videos on Instagram My life in a video the_blaine


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  1. When the Unexpected Happens

Ever thought that you would flunk on a test big time, to see that you’ve cleared it miraculously? This is how it exactly feels.

Funny Videos on Instagram the best feeling ever

  1. Well the last joke’s on You, Instagram

We would love to wrap up this list with this one. And, what better way than taking a dig at our favorite social media platform? Check out this oldie Mr.Bean video from a whole new perspective.

Funny Videos on Instagram Basically what happened

That’s it for today. Hope you had a good time LOLing! There are plenty more funny and hilarious Insta videos out there. Keep on scrolling through your feed, when you need some pick-me-ups.

Have a fun rest of the day!

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