How Instagram is Revolutionizing the Fashion World?

//How Instagram is Revolutionizing the Fashion World?

How Instagram is Revolutionizing the Fashion World?

Fashion industry was once catered to the cooler insiders only. But it’s quickly changing these days thanks to social media. check how this industry transformed with Instagram marketing

There was the core of innovation festival discussion recently between the fashion partnerships, Proenza Schouler, Eva Chen, founders Lazaro Hernandez, Jack McCollough and senior editor of Fast Company, Erin Schulte.

A million dollar industry which was dedicated to the likes of press and fashion buyers has now evolved to be more inclusive and open minded.

According to Hernandez, shows were closed to the outer world.

He told it in Manhattan’s Civic Hall at a packed auditorium. Instagram has become much more democratic these days.

This is where Instagram comes to the rescue. Since the social platform launched in the year 2010, Instagram has opened the doors of opportunity to the fashion world for the daily users around the world.

It allows them to tag brands they love in posts and start the conversations in comments and Instagram has made everyone a fashion expert. According to Chen, week is just a deceptive term in this fashion month.

Chen attended the shows in Paris, New York and Milan over a whole month and witnessed over 360 million engagements over 44 million unique accounts on Instagram. It is now a dialogue between all of them.

Hyperlapse or Boomerang, which is just released, and other Instagram apps push it along and motivate users to be creative on what they post. The availability of various tools makes Instagram a viable platform in order to showcase each part of fashion show.

Thanks to the availability of various tools, Instagram has become the best platform to showcase each and every aspect of fashion industry.

At the latest Proenza Schouler show, Chen showcased the movement of cloths in slow motion video. It is called as “thumb-stopping movement” on Instagram when every user holds at the moment which goes up.

 Instagram Marketing

That kind of behavior has revolutionized the way Hernandez and McCollough edit their shows. For example, Black clothes don’t read on screen as all the details get lost.

The solution is that you have to add more color on the runway. What about the swipe-right trend of a lot of users and shorter attention spans? According to Hernandez, the narrative has been changed in the show and it was one show and one message before.

To keep it engaging, the collection gets more with wider breadth. It is not all about clothes, but it is about how they appear on screen.

As it is being said, Instagram has not turned the industry from inside out. According to Chen, the tendency is for the people who say that everything is different due to Instagram.

But when comparing the fashion show of 2005 Marc Jacobs having a marching band with fantastical Broadway theme of the year, she said that the designers will stay specific to their theme despite the social media. Instagram just showcases various types of personality.

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Here’s how Instagram is Revolutionizing the Fashion World

Here are the four lessons the fashion community has learned from Instagram and the ways brands can leverage this social giant in order to drive growth and strengthen their image.

Brand Identity

Retailers and fashion brands are using Instagram as their important tool to showcase their brand personality with visual storytelling. A glimpse at the Instagram page of the brand should effortlessly provide an insight into the company culture, products and lifestyle.

The Instagram page of Burberry is dedicated in not just showing the products, but also the posh lifestyle related to the brand.

On the other side, Free People reveals its bohemian, festival-happy style with profile inundated with serene imagery and inspirational sayings.

Warby Parker nailed it at the game of brand culture by giving a view on what company and its staff are about to the customers.

It showcases the places to dine, interesting books to read, funny images, and picture-perfect places to travel to.

Instagram provides the great snapshot of identity of fashion label and it has become important for brands to convey a unique footprint to the consumers.

Behind the Scenes

Social media has truly blurred the lines between the general public and fashion community which was once exclusive. Gone are the days when you had to wait for September for Bazaar or Vogue to launch latest collections.

These days, fashion insiders can easily capture the runway looks on their devices and share from the show. Some of the fashion designers are just going ahead and offering a ‘behind the scene’ peek to the followers.

Balmain’s creative director, Oliver Rousteing showcased his ready to wear, SS16 collection to over 1 million followers on Instagram.

Designer at Alice and Olivia, Stacey Bendet posts videos and pictures frequently of her day to day life and gives a genuine insight at the inspiration behind the designs. This is something to build a brand. You shouldn’t just showcase the product, but also the story behind it.

Community Engagement

You have to let customers do the sales. It is one of the most amazing forms of marketing. Brands can easily generate great community engagement with Instagram.

The well-known hashtag is supposed to be a vital and reliable way to improve reach. For example, Ultra Outfitters run program #UOonyou where customers can publish their own pictures with Urban Outfitters dresses and caption with a hashtag.

Then the photos are synced to the retail website and improve the digital and physical retail experience.  This way, customers can play a vital role in brand while selling the brand to their followers.

Campaign #IDoinChoo of Jimmy Choo prompts the customers to share their bridal pictures which can be featured on the official website of Jimmy Choo.

In addition, brand-specific campaigns and one-off competitions have truly gained traction on the Instagram space. A social media campaign is hosted by Marc Jacobs last year in which fans snap and post pictures on Instagram with #CastMeMarc.

Thereafter, nine lucky winners were selected to be featured in the fall campaign of Marc Jacobs.

A #Bareselfie campaign has also been launched by Lancome where women post their own pictures without makeup. According to a Olapic report, the campaign successfully generated around 50% of sales for their DreamTone serum and the feed looped to their gallery led to enjoy around 4% of conversion rate for serum.

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Monetizing Social

According to the first-ever analysis from eMarketer in July 2015 on Instagram, the social media platform is known to bring mobile ad revenue of $595 million this year, especially because it has become widely shoppable.

Instagram rolled out with Carousel ads, a new feature. It is a sponsored slideshow ad which appears on the feed of Instagram user. In this feature, Banana Republic has capitalized with a ‘Learn More’ button which is a gateway to purchase.

Instagram has also been commercialized by Michael Kors last November when it initiated #InstaKors hashtag.

After signing up, consumers are capable to double tap an image with this hashtag and email will be sent to the user with links to buy the products posted on it.

The Like2Buy is the most used feature to shop on Instagram which allows companies to link their Instagram pictures with URLs.

It connects consumers to products directly on their site. Within 6 months after launching Like2Buy, Charlotte Russe was the retailer that achieved click-through rate of 60%.

It is no doubt that Instagram has redefined and revolutionized the fashion industry.

It has made the fashion industry available to the common public. In addition, fashion brands can create community engagement, craft an identity, and generate returns beyond the rack.

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Is Instagram Most Influential in Fashion World?

Forget over-lockers and sewing machines, Instagram has become the hottest-favorite tool of fashion bloggers and designers over the world.

It is a commercial juggernaut or inspirational mood board which is ready to revolutionize sales. It’s 10 at night and you are ready to go to sleep.

You check Instagram for a couple of minutes. About an hour later, you found a cute pair of shoes and you bought it from a shop which has around 10k followers.

Eva Chen, a former editor at Conde Nast turned head over the phone on fashion partnerships for Instagram.

She has around 10k followers on this social media app.

It recounts the well-known tale of late night shopping. It happened on Instagram and it is a great deal with one small detail.

Without “Buy Me” button, you must click on the profile link of an account to enter the shopping page. It is endearingly non-pushy approach which improves the feeling of discovery to the proceedings.

It is not going to reshape the way we buy clothes, but it is definitely going to change the way we sell them.

With around 400 million active users per month, Instagram is the 8th largest social media platform across the world. It is possibly the number one tool in the fashion world.

The app has been awarded with media award from the Council of Fashion Designers of America, which was last known among photographers and journalists.

Instagram has arguably shifted the product more directly than those.

When compared to other platforms, the Instagram’s viral nature is a lot more potent in conveying the commercial message for fashion.

There is no need to get a large following for a designer to seek attention. Just one picture out of 80 million posted daily can be ‘re-grammed’ rapidly and drive users to the original source.

If a high-profile user who has millions of followers feels excited to re-gram your offering, you can be the winner. According to Chen, the recent breed of shoppers is getting inspired by lifestyle more than a product. She gives the examples of Riccardo Tisci of Givenchy, Olivier Rousteing of Balmain and Marc Jacobs.

You are on the voyage with big brands which are truly glamorous and you can enjoy the cool journey with these people. You can easily get to grow with young and inspiring designers.

A glimpse of stock cupboard of the designer makes Instagram so amazing and it transforms a feed into a living mood board.

The best designers don’t just post hard, cold product, but they also give insights on their mindsets, working methods and inspirations behind their job.

It, in turns, helps the brands to sell their stuff.

When it comes to rhetoric being thrown with large companies for the sake of being experiential, the houses like Chanel take a lot of journalists to Havana for 2017 Resort collection.

It is quite surprising that labels are not going to seize on Instagram as a way to tell a story and attract customers. Especially when it accesses not just a couple of press, or newspaper readers or a few thousand magazine readers, it attracts millions of readers across the world.

The creative pieces are most engaging ones, according to Chapman. If we show an image of real woman and share her philosophies in a direct way, followers engage with it a lot more strongly than with a handbag.

Along with commerce, several designers also find it a creative and energizing way to improve their processes. For the co-founder of Zanzan Eyewear based on London, Megan Trimble (25k followers), curating images is a great passion.

Apps like Instagram and Pinterest came along and it was a revolution for me. Now you can share them with others.

It also allows a creative community to reach you. When it comes to fashion world, it is really an indispensable way to communicate your brand.

A lot of like-minded people are joining in and designers, stylists, editors and photographers are enjoying direct access. It broke a lot of barriers down which once stopped us from connecting with people.

Quantifying the impact is quite tricky on Instagram. Whether the likes directly equate to the sales numbers to be seen, it is quite interesting to find out what sunglasses are known by likes but it doesn’t reflect what sells on Instagram. There was a type of purity but it is changing these days with paid ads.

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