How to Creatively Improve ROI with Social Media Marketing?

//How to Creatively Improve ROI with Social Media Marketing?

How to Creatively Improve ROI with Social Media Marketing?

There are different ways to optimize returns in social media marketing business. It’s no wonder that social media platforms like Pinterest, Twitter, Snapchat and Facebook are going to redefine what it takes to promote on social media.

The experience with social media marketing that marketers and customers have can be enhanced due to the evolution from outdated ads to the new and latest native ads. Marketers are also forced to design quality content which is not just appealing but they also add value to the lives of people.

Social Media Marketing

In return consumers can easily make better informed decision when it comes to purchasing. In addition, you can display the content based on gender, location, interests, company and role.

It is very easy for marketers as they can target audiences better. Interestingly, firms are known to increase the cost of their social media marketing with around 33.5% jump, from $17.7 billion to $23.6 billion from 2014 to 2015.

As algorithms improvise the collection and data analysis, the cost of social media ads will increase too.

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Steps Taken by Social Media Marketers

Harness the Potential of Life Events

It is very important to target the right people with social media marketing. It is very effective to go for the right people at right time and it is tremendously simple.

You can leverage the events in their lives to create relevant, timely advertising which targets people during major change with “Live Events” parameter of Facebook.

Along with targeting audiences on events, such as having a child or getting married, you can also specify how soon it takes place after these events that your ads appear to such audiences.

For example, wedding venues can set their ads to be seen to newly engaged couples after two or three months. Similarly, baby clothing businesses can set their ads to be seen to couples who announced their pregnancy shortly.


Social Media Optimization is just a phase which fits better among Conversion Rate Optimization and Search Engine Optimization. Frankly speaking, SMO uses smart strategies across several platforms in order to expand and create great business services, presence and products.

Some of the social media marketers can improve their efforts in several ways

  • Community Development – Community is the foundation of social media. So, businesses rely on social media as a channel. Marketers optimize the community by providing community-based content, responding to audience and tracking the feedbacks or details of the company. You can also consider the negative comments.
  • Lead Generation – Marketers use social media to generate new leads related to products and content offers. Targeting specific members of people based on location, interests, firm etc. will help social media marketers in order to optimize efforts of generating leads.
  • Awareness – This type of optimization uses social media to announce the arrival of new services or products and to drive brand messages. They can easily be measured through impressions, views, shares and clicks.
  • Connect with Audience – Social media has designed a way to be nowhere to everywhere eventually. It is basically a trap where a lot of marketers fall into. Businesses who like to be on all platforms drastically fail while achieving the results from efforts.

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Direct Audiences to Best Place

Those days are gone when your profile was an online dressing window for the business. It has currently the power to do more. It can be positioned as a digital GPS of audience.

It can be used to distribute links and visuals to direct visitors to where they must be. Be sure to use banner image to present content offer with high conversion rate.

You can also change the link in bio to become the landing page of offer. There is no problem in using social platforms as visuals to highlight the existing campaign.

Be sure to add robust call to action in your messages related to campaign. It can persuade your visitors to get into your landing pages and blog posts.

Then you can update links in your profile on monthly and weekly basis. This way, it can be a link to downloadable content offer, webinar registration page, and even link which subscribes to the blog of the company.

Improvise Brand Story

According to Simon Sinek, Motivational Speaker and Author, people will not buy what you sell. They buy why you are selling it. Customers are now targeted on social media by several businesses and brands which market and sell the same thing.

You have to use your brand story to stand out and social media platforms are the best avenue. By using the right technique, you can witness how social media can make difference.

Brand marketing

Bring Your Efforts Back to ROI

For most social media marketers, it is tricky to track your progress between status updates and tweets. Around 42% of marketers are confident enough to measure their social media results accurately. So, it leaves the chances of improvement.

For measuring the results of social media efforts effectively, you should set up smart goals and find out the key metrics and performance indicators. Only 42% of the marketers are assured that they can measure the results of social media marketing.

In order to measure results of your social media efforts, you have to identify smart goals and identify key performance indicators.

Provide Cohesive, Seamless Visual Experience

Social media has done a lot more than changing the way you buy. It has really changed the way we see the web generally. It truly applies to how landing pages and ads look.

So, focus on providing cohesive, smooth visual experience to the audience. Make an aesthetically pleasing, well-designed ad which clicks through to an amazingly looking landing page.

Your ad should be both seamless and well-designed from the beginning till the end. This way, landing pages should match ads well, in both messaging and appearance.


These are some of the important steps that can help you assess the efforts and value of social media strategies. Your goals and objectives will differ each month..

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