How to make Money on Instagram – A complete Guide

//How to make Money on Instagram – A complete Guide

How to make Money on Instagram – A complete Guide

Started as an image-oriented network, Instagram now has enhanced its functionality to have 15-second videos to compete with Vine that has 7-second videos.

This way, you can find a best way to market your business areas which will be helpful to make money online. Here, we will skip the basics of starting up with Instagram account.

Instead, we will jump on the ways to boost your earnings by selling products, growing up your mailing lists, promoting products, offering services, marketing affiliate products and promoting webinars through Instagram.

If you are looking for a complete guide that can teach you how to earn money in this photo-sharing app, you are at the right destination.

Keep in mind that links are not clickable on Instagram but they can be if Instagram posts are shared to Facebook Twitter and Tumblr.

You have to make the link noticeable and be sure that the target landing page is optimized with responsive, mobile-friendly design.

Consider it throughout the post because most of them will link to the particular things you are going to work, such as product landing pages, mailing list.

Instagram is really a well-known photo-sharing app. You can add captions and filters to your pictures, gain followers and earn likes.

You can follow celebrities, friends, and other people to get such pictures on your feed.

If you want to convert hundreds of followers into buyers, or want to take appealing pictures, you can start earning money with several ways on Instagram.

Make Money through Instagram

1. Expand Your Mailing List

First of all, you have to grow your mailing list. Be sure to add a custom squeeze page for mailing list which matches the video/image which can be shared on Instagram.

2. Invite People

Invite people by creating personal message to increase subscriptions. You can record to create a 15-second video to greet your potential subscribers by telling why they must be in your mailing list.

3. Promote Your Latest Product

Use video or images to promote your latest products. If you are offering an e-book, you may share screenshot of its cover. Share 15-second highlight of an educational video.

4. Leak Some Tips and Stats

It must be teaser quotes which can make people love to subscribe and learn more.

5. Have a Screenshot of Opt-in Form

In the description, tell why people love to subscribe you.

6. Use Positive Feedbacks

Do you get positive response from satisfied subscribers? Ask for permission to use their response as your testimonials. Create an image which has best part of their name, reply and website.

7. Sell Your Products

Do you have digital or physical products to sell? Here are some of the easiest ways to promote them –

8. Create 15-second Ads

To promote your product, create a short commercial for it. Be sure to highlight some of the best parts of your product and get a shortened URL in 15 seconds.

9. Run a Pre-Launch

With teaser videos and stills, you can run a pre-launch of your new product. Attract people so well that they get curious to know what you are going to launch. Add a customized hashtag of your product to increase the hype.

10. Video Testimonial

Do you have video testimonials from some customers? Create the 15-second video of such testimonials and share them as video.

11. Create an Album of Your Customer’s Instagram photos

Ask your customers if you can add their photos into your album on your site. Show how happy people are to your potential customers with products. It can increase the chance of sale.

12. Create Photo Collage

Ask your fans to share their photos with your products using a specific hashtag and create collages of their photos.

13. Offer Your Best Services

Instagram provides a lot of ways to showcase your service-based business, whether you are an accountant or web designer.

14. Turn Your Instagram Account into a Portfolio

Create a portfolio of your previous work you have don’t for your clients. It can be anything, a graphic design’s screenshot, shots from latest wedding, you engaged in reading letter from a happy customer or anything.

15. Create a Commercial

Create an ad for your services. Be sure to make a description of your problem and how you can fix it in your 15 seconds video.

16. Invite Your Customers

Ask your target audience to share a picture which represents a specific problem they have with a specific hashtag. Make a contest where you are offering free consultation for 30 minutes. The winner can buy services from your business. The one who are failed will try next time.

17. Follow Target Customers

You must follow your target customers and share your opinion. A product designer may want to follow leading brands and share feedback about their latest packaging. You really never know where it could lead.

18. Create testimonials with images

Use clients’ images as your social proof. You should get happy clients to upload their pictures using your product on Instagram.

19. Promote Your Books

If you are offering book on Amazon or giving away a book as a magnet to attract your customers, consider these tips to enhance sales, exposure and downloads.

20. Share Five-Star Reviews

Take a screenshot of your 5-star reviews and submit a snippet preview of them and share a link to your book. This way, you can tell about your book with words of someone else.

21. Create Images with Questions

You can add questions on images which uses can answer only by reading the book. Mention a page number to excite people about finding the answer by buying your book.

22. Add Quotes in Images

Add quotes from your book into the image or share them directly from your book. Go with parts which can attract your potential readers who are more into buying.

23. Share screenshot

If you have any special discount or sales for your books, share a screenshot of them.

24. Share Video of Book Signings

It will help boost authority and credibility for you as an author.

25. Promote Webinars

A webinar is considered to be the best way to sell your product because the conversion rate is tremendously higher than sales page and email blasts. It is better to attract more people. Here’s how to promote your webinar –

26. Create Preview Video of 15 Seconds

Create preview video for webinar, especially with main presenter. You can record a host which is creating an excitement among people.

27. Send Reminder Graphics

Related to the date of webinar, you can send reminder graphics. To show webinar is live, you need to create a graphic.

28. Get Head Shots

In case of having multiple speakers like Google Hangouts, get their shots and gather them in collage.

29. Use Positive Feedbacks as Testimonials

If you have some positive responses regarding last webinars, make image testimonials of them to share for upcoming webinar.

30. Share Image to Represent Yourself

This way, you have to share image which truly represents something which only webinar guests can get for free, such as sneak to your product on the webinar.

31. Enhance Affiliate Product Sales

Being an affiliate marketer, here are some of the important ways to use Instagram to improve affiliate sales. Keep in mind that there are two options to share links with these posts. You can either have actual affiliate links or links to a review written by you for affiliate product. If you add affiliate links, be sure that they are noted.

32. Show Real Interest

For a product you are affiliate for and you have bought, show your true enthusiasm. Use several video updates and images to attract your followers about buying it.

33. Share Videos and Images

You need to share videos and images showing results for a specific affiliate product. Seeing people who have got measured results can easily attract people to know more about a specific product.

34. Create Review Videos

Create a 15-second video which motivates people to go through your review to know more about your product.

35. Promote a Bonus

If people decide to buy through your link, you have to promote a bonus. For your bonus, create a 15-second ad or image.

36. Share Referral Link

If your followers love to make money online, you have to share referral link of yours so they can easily become affiliates under you and provide second tier commissions. Use screenshot of latest commissions to lure users to the program.

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