How To Unblock Someone On Instagram

//How To Unblock Someone On Instagram

How To Unblock Someone On Instagram

How To Unblock Someone On Instagram

Back in time, banging the receiver of your landline phone or flipping close your mobile phone when you wanted to hang up was such a swag.

It was such a satisfaction. But, now with these smartphones, we can no longer do that, but there is something else that we do now. We block people.

In real life, not many things are in control, but, our virtual lives are.

We decide who gets to stay in our online lives and who doesn’t.

A fight with your BFF or BF? Block them on Instagram, so they don’t know what you are up to. And, once you think things are back to normal, it’s time to bring them back.

unblock someone on instagram

Unblocking someone on Instagram is as simple as blocking them.

Here is a simple step-by-step guide to unblock your Instagram followers using either your smartphone or your desktop (yes, you could do it there too).

But first, let’s understand what exactly happens when you block someone.

 Blocking a follower on your Instagram account means they will no longer be able to find your profile on social media.

They cannot see what you post, your stories, your followers list, nothing.

Also, the user will not receive any notification about being blocked from your profile (If only there were a way you could find out who unfollowed or blocked you, Sigh!). For them, your profile becomes non-existent.

And, if you have a private account, the blocked contact will also have to send you a follow request once again if you ever decide to unblock them.

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Viewing The List Of Your Blocked Contacts 

It is most apparent that you have a list of haters online, that you do not intend to associate with.

A stalker, ex-BF, or a bully, it could be anyone.

Instagram ensures that you feel safe when you are surfing and posting in this online life of yours, and that’s why keeping someone at bay from you is an easy thing to do.

Also, viewing your list of blocked people is not a task.

To View The List- 

  1. Go to your profile page on your phone’s Instagram app.
  2. For iOS- click the setting gear button on the top right.
  3. For Android- swipe right and click on the setting gear at the bottom.
  4. After scrolling down a little, you will see an option of Blocked Accounts.

Here, you can view all the people you have blocked from your Instagram account.

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Let’s Move On To Unblocking These Accounts.

Many a time, the haters of the past may no longer be haters.

Or, they no longer matter to you. You do not want to keep them in your blocked list anymore, just because you did not like them in the past.

Or, it could be the other case, where you have to unblock your BFF or BF now that the matter is solved.

Here are the simple steps for doing that.

Method 1-

  • One way of going about this is by searching for their profile on Instagram. You could type the person’s full name, or their username if you remember it.
  • Once they appear in your search list, open their profile.
  • Now, you can see a button in blue that reads Unblock. Click on the button, and voila, it’s done.

Yes, it’s that simple.

Method 2-

  • Another way of unblocking someone on Instagram is doing it through the list of blocked Instagram accounts.
  • Soon after you visit the list of blocked accounts on your iOS/ Android Instagram app, scroll through the list to review who all deserves to get back.
  • Now, click on the particular profile, and click the hit the blue button. Magic! They’re back.

Method 3- 

In most unlikely of times when you do not have access to your phone, and in a dire need to unblock someone, you could do the same through your desktop too. Although the desktop version of Instagram isn’t as elaborate and user-friendly as the app is, you could still manage to perform some important actions.

unblocking on instagram

Go to your web browser and type-

  • On the app page, you could log in through your Facebook account, or log in using your username and password.
  • Or, if you’re already logged in, the app will directly take you to your home page.
  • Now, in the desktop version, you cannot view the list of your blocked contacts, so we go the other way.
  • Click on the search bar, and type the name/username of the person you intend to unblock.
  • Next to their name, in their profile, you will be able to see a button in blue that reads unblock.
  • A message asking for confirmation will prompt you, hit unblock once again, there you go. It’s done.

Follow any of these three simple methods to unblock anyone on Instagram.

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What Happens When You Unblock Someone? 

First of all, the user will not be notified that you have unblocked them. (What if you wanted someone to check out how amazing you look now, after all these years, and they still are unaware of the fact that you have unblocked them. Damn!).

So yeah, here is everything that happens when you unblock someone.

  • The user will now be able to look you up on Instagram.
  • They will be able to follow you and check out your posts and stories, provided you don’t have a private account.
  • If you have a private account, they can now send you a follow request.
  • If you both have exchanged DMs in the past, all of these will be restored. Also, during the time when the user was blocked, if they sent you any messages at all, you will receive them too.
  • If you haven’t exchanged any messages in the past, and the user messaged you during the time they were blocked, the messages will appear as a request, which you can approve or ignore.

So, that’s about it. You already knew how to block someone, and you now know how to unblock them.

It hardly takes a minute to do this. So, the next time you want to hang up on someone, block them right away.

There is nothing to worry about.

Note- You could also contact the Instagram Support Center if you have any trouble in unblocking someone.

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