How to use Instagram Hashtags

//How to use Instagram Hashtags

How to use Instagram Hashtags

All You Need to Know About Instagram Hashtags and Tricks to Use Hashtags for Your Business

The power of a tap on your phone is huge. According to Statista, as of June 2018, Instagram has 1 billion monthly active accounts.

Instagram is one of the most liked and used social networking platforms world over.

This means for individual accounts or business accounts, their Instagram posts, Instagram views on their posts and Instagram comments are a huge pool for seeking potential clients and customers.

A good picture, an appealing caption, location or geo-tagging and some followers are important elements but one of the most important elements of an Instagram post is the hashtag usage.

Instagram hashtags

What is a Hashtag?

In the context of social media, a hashtag is a tool which can be used to gain attention, to categorize or organize, or to promote.

They were introduced in the social media world to make it simple for people to find or follow accounts or topics of their interest.

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The Basics of using a Hashtag

Hashtag usage is not really rocket science.

To begin with, one just needs to put the hash/pound sign “#” in front of the word or phrase that has to be made into a hashtag.

Some other basic rules include the absence of the following things:

  • Spaces
  • Special characters like%,*, @, etc
  • Punctuation

The Basics of using a Hashtag

Types of Hashtags

There are, what Instagrammers call “Big hashtags”-Hashtags that have millions of posts under them and are generic.

It is recommended to use them wisely as overusing them is of no special advantage.

“Medium Hashtags” have the reach of around a million posts but they are lesser generic in nature than big hashtags. These too should be used scarcely.

Community Hashtags have smaller than a million’s scope but are more specific in terms of area of interest and these should be used once in every 4-5 posts on Instagram.

Finally, micro-community hashtags are the hashtags that reach out directly to your potential followers and potential clients and consumers.

They have great levels of specialization and cater to industry or sub-industry based communities.

They have the least amount of reach in terms of posts but should be used most often as their impact is the largest.

One needs to remember that the smaller number of posts under a hashtag, the lesser the competition found in those posts and the more chances of people running into your Instagram profile.

With using smaller hashtags, you also increase the possibility of your post or profile being in the top 9 of that hashtag.

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Why should I even use Hashtags?

Hashtags are important for a number of reasons. Firstly, they enhance your view rates.

Research has shown that using hashtags increases one’s chances of engagement with followers and potential followers.

Why should I even use Hashtags

Secondly, Hashtags are resourceful for research purposes. Hashtags make it easy for you and for others to find things that are trending, or of interest to you, or belong to a particular category.

Thirdly, hashtags make you more discoverable by your target audience.

Since people search for things of interest by using hashtags, it is advisable for businesses especially to use hashtags so that they are found easily by their potential target buyers.

Finally, hashtags are great if need to be used to make a point-seriously or humourously.

They are a fun representative of individual accounts’ personality or businesses’ take on the world.

  1. Use the Maximum Number of Hashtags per post

Instagram lets you use a maximum of 30 hashtags per post so users should try and put as many hashtags as possible on the post.

This enables your post or your profile to be popular and show up on the Instagram explore page.

Be sure to not use too many hashtags on the caption as it can make the post unattractive and make the post seem like spam.

  1. Explore the Hashtags that are Trending in your Industry

It is important to uncover all the hashtags that are making a mark in your industry.

You will find that most of your potential customers find their choices of product or service by searching relevant hashtags.

If the leading businesses of your industry are using certain hashtags, make sure you use them in your upcoming posts.

Explore the Hashtags that are Trending in your Industry

To add more elements to this trick, upload a catchy and fun post on Instagram for which you can learn how to upload GIFs are the latest vogue on Instagram which can draw users.

  1. Always Use some Popular Hashtags in Every Post

This is a great tip for those who have just started to use Instagram.

Some everyday-every week- famous hashtags are #photooftheday, #videooftheday, #tbt, #throwbackthursday, #instagood, #love, and many more.

  1. Incorporate trending Hashtags

There are some weekly or daily trending topics or people that become hashtags and it is a useful trick to use those hashtags in your Instagram posts.

However, businesses must make sure they do not exploit trending hashtags and incorporate them without any relevance.

One cannot use a crisis type hashtag into selling their service or product as that will be counterproductive for the goodwill of their company.

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  1. Utilise the Instagram Algorithm for your Business Needs

An Instagram algorithm is a concept that app developers of Instagram employ and it enables or disables your potential followers from engaging on your account and Instagram photos.

To exploit this efficiently, businesses must find people that fit the characteristics of their ideal audience and look up all the hashtags that those potential followers/clients are using.

To view inaccessible profiles, you can use some hacks to look at private profiles.

The next step to follow is to simply use those same hashtags in your Instagram posts.

  1. Use Location Hashtags

This hashtag tip can increase your followers and is perfect for smaller businesses.

Location-based hashtags are one of the best methods to communicate with the community of your industry or your locality.

People like it when there is a sprouting good business in their area and are likely to vouch for it if you have made some credibility in the market.

An example to support this point-If you have an apparels business on Instagram based in Hong Kong, you can put up hashtags like #prideofhongkong or #hongkongshopping to attract followers to your Instagram business account.

More tips and tricks of geo-tagging for Instagram business can be found here.

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