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Low Instagram followers would mean low credibility. Your power, even when you have one, won’t shine. Post a picture of your awesome trip to the Bahamas or the image of your company logo, and no one will click to like it, share it, or comment on it. Because… well, you’re not popular, you have no enough following to help share your content. Do you want to buy Instagram followers and grow your business? Welcome. Because you’ve come to the right place.

Stand out:

Organic following. It’s even harder online, where attention span is at its lowest: Internet users have 8-seconds attention span, according to recent research studies. Businesses that want to attract attention and sell more need to hack their way to grow faster. The good news is that QuickFansAndLikes offer you as many Instagram followers as you can buy to stand out from the crowd. With our different Instagram follower packages, you can easily choose the one that suits you and position yourself differently.

Sell faster:

Why do Instagram celebrities get many sponsored posts, companies paying them millions of dollars to advertise for them? Because they have a massive following on Instagram. Because the more social followings you have, the easier it is for you to sell your products and services. It makes more sense to you; therefore, to buy Instagram followers, so you sell your products faster.

At Quickfansandlikes, we don’t just sell followers. We sell social power, social proof, and authority… all important features you need to stand out online. The more Instagram followers you’ve, the more popular you’ll become, the more likely it is to expose your brand and dominate your industry. Want to give it a try? Try QuickFansAndlikes without breaking the bank.

Skyrocket your customer base:

You get an uneven advantage when you amass the large Instagram followers you crave. Part of what makes you unique is the fact that you have social proof: People engaging with you as a testament to the quality and authenticity of your brand. That alone can help you get more followers, shares, attract more attention, and skyrocket your customer base.

Succeed online:

QuickFansAndLikes offers you lively Instagram followers that activate your sales and grow your business. We also make you become more popular, drives your potential customers back to your site, increase your traction, get you massive backlinks and leads – to help you succeed online.

Buy Instagram Likes

We know how getting REAL Instagram likes is not always easy. Getting organic, real people to visit your profile and like your content is not easy. Getting cool pictures to pique users’ interest is always a question, not every content will even get seen, and you want consistent content to keep the momentum going.That’s why we come up with the idea of selling Instagram Likes. Over the last couple of years, hundreds of businesses have bought quality Instagram likes from QuickFansAndLikes.

We have built businesses with our Instagram likes service, make connections, shake hands, and broker long-term deals with big brands online. This is your chance to buy our tested and trusted Instagram Likes service and years of experience in the industry to get amazing, high quality, world-class Instagram likes from real people all over the world, and from a vendor you know you can trust.


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We have spent years building this idea, creating the best Instagram services for you. The Instagram services and different packages we are offering are real, and we deliver them to our clients in real time and in a fully secured manner. No risk of security bridge whatsoever.


We ship your followers securely, yes, without requesting your password. And in addition, when you buy our Instagram followers and likes, we deliver them to you instantly – so that you can start engaging with your fans and promoting your company product… immediately.


Be rest assured: QuickFansAndLikes sells not just any Instagram services. We sell quality Instagram followers, likes, views, and comments. Quality Instagram packages that help you achieve your marketing goals. Even better, you’ll get to enjoy superior Instagram services at affordable prices (when you buy Instagram followers from QuickFansAndLikes).


At QuickFansAndLikes, we use hashtags to target your ideal prospect and potential customers. You can rest assured that all the likes are coming from real and genuine users who are interested in your content and brand messaging. We give you tons of target Instagram followers that will rally your brand and help you sell your vision.


Your brand identity is crucial to your online success. For one thing, it tells who you are and what values you bring to the table. For other, it helps you stand out, especially if you position yourself differently. Instagram followers help you achieve both of these goals. For one thing, the massive following you garnered gives you social power. That social power sets you aside from your competitor. When you buy Instagram followers from QuickFansAndLikes, it’s like you’ve opened up a new world of opportunities to your business door.


We have an in-house team of professionals that provide non-stop tech support to our clients, in all circumstances. Our staff is qualified and experienced in this field. Got a complaint? Our customer support is always ready to serve you. So don’t hesitate if you have some queries. You can email our customer support team at any time. And we’d be glad to respond to you… in no time.


For many years now, QuickFansAndLikes have been providing quality Likes and Followers to the millions of Instagrammers all over the world. With our state of the art infrastructure, we have established years of business rapport and integration with businesses to help us serve our customers and clients better.There are many prominent and famous individuals and businesses that have bought our services and are still obtaining our services because of the unyielding customer satisfaction, excellent customer experience and care that they keep enjoying. Not only do we serve brands with real Instagram followers, likes, and comments that power their business, but we also give them the support they need to keep winning and succeeding on their social media marketing campaign. The quality of likes and followers we provide are just exceptional and truly unmatchable. The moment you placed an order, you shall see the outcome in less than an hour, depending on the package that you have chosen.

Instagram has taken the world by storm and it offers companies as well as individuals the means to expose and express themselves through the art of sharing visual images, pictures, and content. The main reason why you want to buy real and active Instagram followers is that it will serve as a means for you to skyrocket your own site or company’s popularity and gain more sales. Creating an online presence through Instagram is an important internet marketing strategy that you can explore. Instagram has become one of the rising stars of social media. At QuickFansAndLikes, we know all these things. And that is why we offer affordable Instagram services so that both small and medium sized companies can enjoy our services and grow their business.



How do you deliver Instagram followers and likes after a purchase?

After you’ve selected a package of your choice and completed your order, we’ll then confirm your order. And then, immediately, deliver your Instagram services. The delivery is processed within 10 - 15 Minutes.


Can I be able to see instant result after I’ve paid for a package?

Yes. The smaller packages will be started Instantly. For bigger packages(more than 10k followers), we review it manually and then start it within 8 - 10 hours time period.


: How long will it take to get my Instagram followers (after I purchase them)?

When you buy Instagram followers from us, we can deliver them according to your needs. If you need them quickly, we can deliver them within few hours. However, if you want us to deliver slowly, we can then spread them all over the month. It’s your call.


Is it safe to buy Instagram likes and followers from QuickFansAndLikes?

Absolutely. The Instagram followers and likes that we offer are real. The people and the accounts are genuine and legit. So, you’re 100% safe when you buy any of our Instagram packages.


Why should I buy Instagram followers and likes from you?

If you think that having an Instagram account and regular posts of photos and other visual content can get you the exposure and popularity you crave, then you’re wrong. For your Instagram account and content to be noticed, you need a large amount of Instagram followers to engage with them, to share them with their peers. For a newbie, this is just too difficult. But we help you solve this hurdles for you. You should buy Instagram followers from us to get your content shared, gain more exposure, and increase your sales.


What payment methods do you accept?

We readily accept payments via PayPal, as it is the safest payment terminal across the web.


Can you assist me in selecting the right package for my business?

YES. Our team of expert marketers and consultant will examine your business and suggest the best package that will suit your business.


Do you need my Instagram password (before you process my order)?

No. We just need your Instagram username.