Instagram 5xx server error

//Instagram 5xx server error

Instagram 5xx server error

Fixing Instagram’s 5xx server error

Launched in 2010, it has taken Instagram only a few years to create a furor in the world of social media.

With thousands of applications being churned out regularly, we have been completely spoil for choice.

Well aware of this overabundance, social media crawlers have become frivolous, with attention spans lasting between 6 to 8 seconds.

Given the circumstances, the competition that Instagram faces is humongous.

But, with its simple yet attractive interface and unique features, it has created a sensation among celebrities, athletes, musicians, artists and novices alike.

From a simple social media platform, Instagram has now evolved into a powerful marketing tool for both budding and established businesses.

However, with some technical glitches plaguing Instagram for a while now, businesses that use the application to garner publicity and traction are becoming more and more anxious.

5xx serer error instagram

Issues like unsuccessful login attempts and 5xx server errors are robbing businesses of the quality time that they could use to build their clientele by engaging new Instagram followers.

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So, what exactly is Instagram’s 5xx server error?

To state it very simply, it is an issue stemming from Instagram’s server, and our devices have nothing to do with this.

Let’s assume that your city’s water supply has been cut off suddenly.

Would fixing the plumbing of your house help to restore the water supply? The answer is no.

This is exactly what the 5xx server error is—it freezes the servers of an application, making all activity come to a standstill.

5xx server error instagram - quick fix

The good news is that this is not an Instagram-specific problem; it happens to other applications as well, and is therefore not so difficult to resolve.

Why does Instagram keep running into the 5xx server error?

The two ‘x’s in 5xx, represent error code numbers between 500-511.

Each of these codes signify different server errors. Some of these errors occur when maintenance work is being done, while the other errors happen because websites may have been dissolved permanently.

Breaking down each error code will shed some light on what might be causing the 5xx server error to show its ugly face.

But before that, we need to know what HTTP Status Codes are. These are basically the error messages that get displayed on the screen when a server decides to act-up.

  • The 500 Error:This HTTP status code means that the server has encountered a glitch but is not sure what the exact issue is.
  • The 501 Error: This error response stands for the message ‘Not Implemented’. To be clearer, in this kind of an error, the user’s action is not processed or the command is not picked up by the server.This means that although you are logging in to your Instagram account, the app’s server is not being able to read, process or implement your request.
  • The 502 Error: This is also known as the 502 Bad Gateway Error. For any action taken by the user to be complete, serves need to relay information among each other. In this error, one server relays invalid information to another server.
  • The 503 Error: Also known as the Service Unavailable Error, this message is displayed when the server is extremely busy or is down for upkeep.Instagram receives heavy traffic all the time. Considering that planet Earth has different time zones, a good chunk of the population is always accessing Instagram. Imagine how taxing it might get for the app’s servers to constantly process the sheer number of Instagram likes and Instagram comments.
  • The 504 Error: This message suggests that a server did not get a response from another server in due time.Think of it this way–Chris Hemsworth uploads a post about the second part of The Infinity War. Millions of Instagram followers flock to see that post. The app’s server gets overloaded to process all the Instagram likes and stops to take a break. Relax. It’ll be back up in no time.
  • The 505 Error: Also displayed as HTTP Version Not Supported, this error means that your Web server does not support or will not support the HTTP protocol version stated by the Web browser.
  • The 506 Error: This usually occurs when one is trying to download an app, and can be rectified by clearing the cache from the device.
  • The 507 Error: This means that the server is not able to store the information required to fulfil the user’s command.
  • The 508 Error: This stands for Resource Limit Reached. In simple terms, this error means that your server has exhausted the resources that were assigned to it.
  • The 509 Error:This happens when an overloaded website crosses its bandwidth limit and can no longer give users access to content on it.
  • The 510 Error: Also meaning Not Extended, this issue shows up when certain extensions are not present in the client’s first attempt to connect with a server.
  • The 511 Error: Also displayed as Network Authentication Required, this response signifies that you are being blocked from getting complete access to the Internet.

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What can I do to access Instagram and not run into the 5xx Error?

While you wait for the problem to fix itself, you can try to do the following:

  • If you encounter the 503 Error, you will just have to come back later. Too many people are accessing the app, making it go bonkers.
  • If you see the 505 Server Error response, update your Instagram profile. You may have missed the latest version update and the old one may have become obsolete.
  • The 511 Error usually crops up if you are trying to get into Instagram using an open Wi-Fi connection. Get to know the right credentials first and then try to log in.
  • If all of this fails, try to see if Instagram can be accessed using a different browser, or just sit back and enjoy the lull.

Beware, Igers.

The Internet is a wonderful and dangerous place. Please change your password if you keep seeing these error messages frequently.

And whatever you do, refrain from downloading tools like Instagram private viewer.

Malware can be introduced through these shady apps. Keep yourself informed and be safe.

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