Instagram Followers Count

//Instagram Followers Count

Instagram Followers Count

Important Instagram Stats That Every Instagram User Should Know About and One Powerful Tool to Track All of It

Tracking important Instagram statistics is crucial for individuals and brands trying to grow their audience and improve their influence on the platform.

While Instagram Insights, the analytics tool offered by Instagram, is very useful too, after reaching a certain level of popularity you’ll feel the need for a tool that is more robust in tracking your stats.

As brands are becoming more aware of the importance of Instagram stats, the internet too is now filled with hundreds of tools which claim to help you scale new heights on Instagram.

Needless to say, not every platform that guarantees to offer you in-depth Instagram stats and metrics would suit your needs.

What every brand trying to promote their products or services needs is a powerful marketing tool that is equipped with a host of important features and stats to make it easier for the Instagram page owners to track their growth and take adequate measures to take their followership to the next level.

instagram statistics

The Instagram Viewer from Likes and Followers Club is one such robust tool.

With all the latest features that one would expect from an Instagram tool and user-friendly design, this is one Instagram viewer that every brand and individual needs to get detailed insights into their growth on Instagram.

Let us have a look at some of the most important stats offered by this Instagram Viewer-

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  1. Instagram Followers Count

One of the most important statistics for every brand trying to promote themselves on Instagram is their followers count.

As per a Forrester study, the engagement per follower on Instagram is about 58 times more as compared to Facebook and 120 times more as compared to engagement on Twitter.

instagram followers counter

The Instagram Viewer from Likes and Followers Club makes it easier for you to track the number of followers your Instagram page has.

Apart from the total number of followers, you can also check the number of people who started following a brand or individual on a daily basis and also check the total summary of followers.

You can use this to track the total number of people following you on a daily basis as well as monitor the follower count of your competitors.

  1. Instagram Live Follower Counter

It is very important for every brand to know what kind of impact their posts have on their influence on Instagram.

instagram followers live counter

Checking the difference in the number of posts after launching a marketing campaign, after posting photos and videos, promotional offers, etc. is one of the simplest to know whether or not your Instagram marketing strategy is working.

For this, the Instagram Viewer has a Live Follower Counter which is updated every 5 seconds.

This allows you to track the total number of your followers live, a feature that is missing from the native Instagram platform.

A graph is also created in tune with the live follower counter to make it easier for you to understand how your marketing is affecting your Instagram credibility.

  1. Total Media Uploads

Brands are required to regularly post content on Instagram and other social media platforms to keep the audience engaged.

instagram total media uploads

If you’ve been posting media on your Instagram page regularly for a long time, it can be very difficult to track the total number of uploads you’ve made.

The Instagram Viewer lets you check the total media uploads to make sure that you are always aware of the number of posts your Instagram page has.

You can use this feature to also check the media uploads of other users and even your competitors to build better marketing strategies.

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  1. Instagram Projections

Based on the total number of Instagram followers and media uploads of a user or brand, the Instagram Viewer also provides a detailed projection for the future.

instagram projections

The calculation is done on the basis of the average number of people who follow the Instagram page and the average number of uploads done in a day.

Based on these numbers, the tool helps you know the expected growth in the number of followers in 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, and up to 2 years.

If you want your Instagram page to have thousands and millions of followers, this projection can be very useful in building the right marketing strategies.

Based on the projection, you can then buy Instagram followers, comments, views, or try other strategies to reach your marketing goals.

  1. Evaluation Charts

It is often easier to understand the growth of your Instagram page through graphs.

instagram evolution charts

As a result, the Instagram tool also offer evaluation charts for your followers, the pages you follow, and your media uploads.

Your daily stats are used by the tool to build these graphs to allow you to easily track the results of your Instagram marketing.

The graph offers date-wise details of all the important stats and there is also a date selector with the help of which you can easily monitor the stats from a particular period.

This can be used after you launch a promotion, offer, or check the overall growth of the page right from the beginning.

  1. Favorites List

With every business now using social networking platforms for marketing, it is very important for you to monitor your competitors to make sure that you stay relevant.

instagram favourites list

To make it easier for you to regularly monitor your competitors, the Instagram Viewer from Likes and Follower Club also lets you create a favorites list.

You can add all your competitors or your favorite Instagram pages to this list and then easily track their growth and other stats anytime.

As per Statista, Instagram now has more than 1 billion active monthly users.

With so many people now using the photo and video-sharing app, not having a healthy presence on the platform would mean losing a huge chunk of customers to your competitors.


If your brand doesn’t already have a page on Instagram, it is high time that you create one and start working on your Instagram marketing strategy.

You can also consider working with a reputed social marketing platform to buy Instagram comments, followers, views, and more to be Instagram famous as quickly as possible.

As for your Instagram stats, the Instagram Viewer from Likes and Followers Club with its innovative features and simple functionality would ensure that you can easily monitor your as well as your competitor’s growth and provide yourself the best opportunity to take your brand to the next level.

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