Instagram Hashtags not working

//Instagram Hashtags not working

Instagram Hashtags not working

Instagram hashtags not working- How to fix?

As a business, if you are looking to get more Instagram followers, using hashtags in your posts is one of the best ways to boost the posts and profile reach.

Users regularly make use of hashtags for finding relevant conversations and content, making it an excellent way for you to place your posts in front of people who are already looking for something similar.

Moreover, Instagram recently launched a feature which allows users to follow some specific hashtags.

You can make use of such hashtags to bring better visibility to your Instagram posts and stories.

While Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags per post, as per a research by Social Media Today, you should use 8 to 12 hashtags in your Instagram post to increase the organic reach of the posts.

Instagram hashtags is not working - quick fix

While hashtags play a very important role in the Instagram ecosystem, especially if you are looking to promote your business, there are times when they don’t work.

It can be very frustrating when you’ve already spent a lot of time searching for the best hashtags and they just fail to work.

If you are struggling with this problem and none of the fixes that you’ve tried seem to resolve it, you might find your answer in this post.

There are actually a few reasons due to which your Instagram hashtags might not be working.

We’ve created a list of some common reasons along with how you can deal with them.

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  1. Banned hashtag

There are several reasons due to which several hashtags (more than 114,000) have been banned or blocked on Instagram.

They might be banned permanently or temporarily.

If you use a hashtag that has been banned permanently, it is possible that all of your hashtags would stop working.

But if you see that your hashtags appear and disappear at times, it is possible that they might be temporarily banned.

As the list of banned Instagram hashtags is regularly updated, it is not possible to find a complete list of the hashtags that are banned.

This Social Insider post has a list of hashtags banned by Instagram in 2018.

You can go through this list before adding hashtags to your post to make sure that you do not use any of the hashtags that are banned.

Alternatively, you can also try searching for a hashtag on Instagram.

If there are no results for the hashtag that you’ve entered, it is possible that the hashtag is banned.

  1. Limited hashtag

Limited hashtags are not banned hashtags but they significantly affect how your posts are categorized and appear in the searches.

For instance, you might be using a hashtag which has been turned off by a lot of users.

Instagram users now get to follow and unfollow particular hashtags.

If your hashtag is one from the list of such hashtags that have been turned off by a lot of users, they might not work at all.

You should take into account the places where your posts appear.

If your posts regularly appear on spammy pages or pages that have been recently banned, it is possible that your hashtags might not work.

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  1. Spammy hashtags

Instagram shadowban changed a lot of things about how brands were trying to get more Instagram likes and followers.

Read this post on Later to know more about the Instagram shadowban.

It made it clear that you can now no longer just copy and paste same hashtags on all your posts.

The Instagram algorithm can consider it as a spam and can reduce the visibility of your posts.

Due to this, you are now required to keep changing the number of hashtags in your posts to protect it from the algorithms considering them as spams.

Also, even if you promote a particular product or particular type of product, ensure that you keep changing the hashtags as this will help increase the visibility of your posts and would probably bring in more followers and likes.

  1. Instagram support

Hashtag related issues have got very common on Instagram in the past couple of years.

However, most of them are because the platform has now implemented several measures to make sure that the users make use of hashtags as per the guidelines.

All of this is done in a bid to make Instagram safe and provide users with the best of content in a simple and hassle-free manner.

If your hashtags you’ve selected are not banned, limited or spammy but still fail to work, it’d be better if you contact the Instagram support department.

You can select the Settings option in your Instagram app and look for the “Report a Problem” button. Tap it and then follow the instructions on your screen.


As hashtags are now increasingly used and followed by Instagram users, they are a great tool for increasing your Instagram followers count and make your page more popular.

While hashtags not working problem can be very annoying, a simple way to avoid it is to first search for the hashtag before posting.

If there are results for the hashtag, it would probably work in your post too.

If you are currently working on your Instagram marketing strategy, make sure that you do consider hashtags in it.

You can also look for a reputed social media marketing platform to get professional help for all your social needs and make your business popular on the social platforms.

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