How Instagram Can Help You in Job Search?

//How Instagram Can Help You in Job Search?

How Instagram Can Help You in Job Search?

We are living in the world of social media. So, it goes without saying that you can use Instagram for more than just sharing photos of your favorite cupcakes, dog, or sunsets.

If you are hunting for a job, you can also use Instagram as your advantage.

It is not just about building your personal brand, but it also improves your digital skills and marketability.

Using Instagram in Job Search

Instagram job search

1. Create a Fresh Account

If your current account is flooded with photos often exciting weekend or selfies, you must create a fresh account if you want to use it intentionally for job search.

2. Build Your Identity

Brainstorm how you market yourself and build your personal brand to start your job search.

Instagram is really very effective for tattoo lovers to advertise themselves and reach out to their audience.

As a financial analyst, you may not find Instagram much helpful to your career.

You have to find out how you can use Instagram when searching for job. You should be creative.

Come out with some of the innovative ways to use your account and improve your portfolio for job search.

As a book publicist, you can post pictures of book signings, cover art, literary events or shots of people reading your books in different locations.

You have to find out a focus point to make the most of your personal brand on Instagram.

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3. Follow Companies

Stay up to date with a brand or company. Follow the company on Instagram.

Get the list of top companies with Nitrogram. check how well branded fashion companies grown.

4. Hashtags

To get your pictures to be appeared in searches, use hashtags. Consider these examples as the ways to use hashtags in job search.

A cook, Mitchell Harrison is a cook working at a high-end restaurant in Boston, Ocean Landing.

He brands himself as a fine-dining, upscale chef and he uses Instagram to enhance his profession.

Hence, he created “Chef_Mitchell_Harrison” account. He posts a photo of a well-presented or appealing meal once or twice a day.

His hashtags are something like #Boston #chefmitchharrison #oceanlanding.

He uses some hashtags that are specific to his subject like #instafoodie, #instafood and #chefsofinstagram.

You can also search for popular tags related to your niche.

Don’t post photos with too many hashtags.

You should limit your use of these hashtags and don’t become annoying to the others. You should think creative when using hashtags.

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