6 Popular Automobile Companies Made Huge Profits with Instagram Marketing

//6 Popular Automobile Companies Made Huge Profits with Instagram Marketing

6 Popular Automobile Companies Made Huge Profits with Instagram Marketing

How the automobile companies use Instagram in promoting their brand

Automobile Companies Use instagram

The automobile industry had not been left behind when it comes to using Instagram as a promotional tool.

The auto industry gets the drift on how to use Instagram to get more customers.

In as much as social media is a important tool, most industries still do not know how to use them effectively.

However, one of the industries that have achieved success in this area is the automobile industry.

Most car brands use the social media to gain online presence. According to the 2014 CMO council report below points are mentioned:

  • 23 percent car buyers make use of social media to communicate about on the buying experience
  • 38 percent of the buyers say that they would go online to find out more information when they buy a car

The hype about the cars is all about the physical look of the vehicle. People get excited about the car engine and look.

Nowadays the audience is moving to the digital platform and business owners have no choice than to follow them.

Auto brands are using this digital migration to their advantage. Some of the bands such as BM and Mercedes benz really making their band known in social media.

Telling a story is a known way to market a brand.

When it comes to automobile, staying relevant is of great importance. Some of the companies in the automobile industry that have made use on Instagram to remain relevant are ford, mercedes benz, dodge and BMW,

1. Ford (@ford)


Ford is an American car manufacturer corporation that has been around for long time. Despite, being in the industry for years, it still remains relevant. Its relevance has been contributed with the fact that it uses social media to market its models.

In addition, interacting with customers all the time has become as a social media platform.

The ford Instagram account has all of the photos of ford cars for a whole history.

The content that ford uses in Instagram is tailor made to meet the expectations of its uses.

The images are beautiful and clear.

Ford makes use of Vine, tumbler, twitter and other social media. The facebook page has 3,500,000 likes which show us how much customers are engaged to their brand the company interact with their customers by responding to their requests..

When it comes to Instagram, ford boasts of follower’s amount to 1.3 million. Ford showcases amazing photos on its Instagram platform.

The ford fiesta is considered to be the sexiest car model around.

The car has won several awards for its stylish exterior and sleek design.

In addition to that, this model also has features such as rear view camera and keyless entry. On their marketing tool for the ford fiesta, the company made use of Instagram.

They had a contest that went four six weeks. Users were required to submit photos and they were given a prize.

Here is detailed information on how the company went about marketing this model on Instagram.

Once the Instagram was launched, ford had new hashtag evey week  that showcase the features of the new model .

Some of the hashtags used were #hidden, #starting, #shapes, #music and #entry.

The users were to send photos tagged with the weeks hashtag and #fiestagram.

The winning photos for the week was placed on live-billboards and galleries. A few photos that inspired # entry are the photos of the sunrises, doorways and water fountains.

Once the photos were submitted, ford chooses the best photo and the winner was given a prize.

The final prize given for the contest was the ford fiesta. The contests enabled ford to get over 12,000 facebook fans.

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Reasons why ford used intagram?

Mobile photography has gained a lot of popularity over the past. Furthermore, the target audience for ford who are trend setters and tech mavens were found on Instagram.

Given the fact that the company put a lot of emphasis on image, Instagram was the appropriate platform for their marketing campaign.


The contest led to submission of over 16,000 photos.

The campaign lasted for six weeks, enabled ford to increase their fan base.

There company acquired over 120,000 new facebook fans. Through the contest, the company was able to attract its target audience.

Secrets to Success

Momentum: the company started with small prizes and went to bigger prizes.

Simple: the contest was not complicated since users only have to take photos following the prompts given. It was not that hard to win the car that was featured.

2. Mercedes benz (@mercedesbenz)

benz car-1506922_960_720

Whenever you hear of Mercedes Benz, what come of minds is luxurious car.

The company has been and able to maintain it name in the automobile industry.  It has utilized its social media for several years.

Mercedes Benz are known to manufacture prestigious vehicles, yachts, coaches, buses and even trucks.

Instagram campaigns are important for brands that want to succeed. A brand will receive more attention depending on its level of creativity.

Mercedes benz is one of the brands that has made use of Instagram in its campaigns. mercedes benz is a popular vehicle company.

The company wanted to get exposure on GLA a compact SUV.

They use facebook and Instagram to post their advertisements The Company used the hashtag #thingsorganisedneattly.

The campaign allowed followers to share photos of the items they would pack on their weekend road trip.

Mercedes benz has been able to use the digital platform to get the race its target audience. The company has been able to use this platform to maintain its reputation.

Among the social media marketing used by Mercedes Benz, Instagram is the second in the list.

This is because Mercedes has over 5.7million Instagram followers all over the world. In the u.s alone the company has 1.1 million followers. Mercedes uses Instagram as a branding platform.

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How Benz used effective Content management?

It is important to keep your audience engaged about your brand. Mercedes Benz have done a good job when it comes to engaging their audience.

The company posts about five to seven times every day. There is no doubt that this keep the audience engaged at all times.

Regular content posting on social media help a band to get many likes on the post.

The Instagram strategy used by Mercedes Benz is well planned. The brand has put in place great content for its followers. Mercedes Benz uses quality photos on their Instagram.

Furthermore, they use some of the best sceneries and locations to take the best photos. They choose the location is appealing to their customers. Instagram uses innovative campaigns. The marketing strategy used by Mercedes is mainly about car stories and compelling content.

Mercedes Benz stays to be on fore front while it comes for using the concept of social media.

It may look like a just an act lot sharing amazing photos but there is careful planning that has been done. Mercedes Benz listens to the social media to achieve their success.

They find out from their online customers what they like and they do not like. Mercedes Benz has used Instagram to get millennial to buy their models.

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Using Instagram as the automobile company got an enhancing the traffic to their website.

The Instagram ads on the other hand had a 14pt lift. There is no doubt that the method used by Mercedes is working o their advantage.

Moreover, it also uplifts the beauty and highlights the latest technology through high definition videos and snaps that allure the heart of people to purchase one for them.

All the leading top brands including Mercedes Benz have adopted Instagram for its promotion, and business hike.

3. Nissan uses Instagram for business hike (@nissan)


Not only, people are crazy for the Instagram shots but also the automobile industry is in its full bloom for the promotion to flaunt its features through the latest Instagram.

The company basically uses the Instagram as a guide to reach out to the public displaying their features, facilities and exceptional quality.

A lot of tips that can be gathered from photo sharing app that is the beat that one can get the best to be used.

Nissan has jumped into the social media by launching hash juke DNA campaign that is the most used in the Instagram.

To be a promotional leading brand, one has to go through various social platforms with lots of pomp and show unveiling its features.

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The main motto is generating awareness about various models and mostly the juke model with all specialized amenities.

Nissan has crossed overseas generating its promotion including India, and abroad like in UK, Germany, France where a personalized image is the proof of the leading brand.

Involvement of the mass

People are going bananas over the popularity of Instagram and there is an overwhelming response from the audiences who actively participate and also manage the content.

This social platform creates a link between the customers and the companies to create a transparency regarding their products.

Markets and the different advertisers are becoming more involved in the promotional campaigns and help the companies to bridge the gap.

It’s a chance to experience the bloom of the business sectors through magical Instagram which gives much more than just a social platform.

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A perfect use of creativity to bring out the best to the public is provided by this social app.

Nissan’s achievement by involving the audience

Not only on the personal level, but also globally, Nissan has made an attempt to reach out to the millions on daily basis by uploading the satiating snaps of the luxurious cars and various images on the Instagram.

Bridging the gap between the consumer and company is the sole motto of this company.

And moreover, it has won the trust and has done its propaganda in full force and has been the leading brand.

4. Honda’s mode of using Instagram(@honda)


The most popular use of Instagram by Honda is the display of its emblem ‘H’ in the snow, but now it has changed its strategy to just a metal sheet and people are hitting likes to their heart content.

It is the oldest and premiere brand leading in cars and bikes with a huge range of variety and features.

Alicia Jones, the manager of Honda has clearly acknowledged the role of Instagram in their promotion, and that also adds to their success story.

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The highest sale that the Honda achieves is through the clarity snap shot through this social platform.

It has been the major part in framing the foundation of this company. With the highest employment opportunity, Honda has made its way to reach out to the crowd globally.

To drive with loyalty and with much more skill is the slogan that it believes in. not only this, the metal sheet Instagram has outscored and it has made the brand more convenient and friendly.

It allows a new mode of approach to the public to make it a huge success. It seems as if Instagram is going viral and has become mandatory for the promotion of any automobile company.

Success through Instagram

Finally, it has paid its obligation towards the Instagram that has been a key ingredient to their success story.

The voice of audience and the satisfaction of customers have been the matter of concern.

There has been a considerable engagement in the Instagram by the different automobile companies and it has really elevated the business to a fine level of competency.

And to be much more specific about Honda, it has L2’s digital IQ score that has outscored and has performed beyond average on the photo social app. Instagram accounts for 38 percent of the purchase through this social media.

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Target of Honda

Setting target and achieving every milestone gradually through baby steps is the driving energy behind the company’s success.

Honda has been constantly putting its effort to succeed through mobiles, and promoting various advertisements, that will take by surprise on the social platform.

It has set a target to reach out to the crowd through the friendly social app, and add on to the fan following page through Instagram and attract young drivers to raise their purchase turn over the profit.

This has now become much open and is not missing any chance to make it to the public.

On several social media outlets, Honda is amplifying its presence on Instagram displaying all its exclusive features. Not only this Honda uploads various videos on Instagram, to give the customers an experience of test drive sitting at home.

Advantage of Honda through Instagram

Not only customers are satisfied but also Honda has many other advantages that adds on to the list.

Honda is succeeding on the advantage of the Instagram’s marquee video adds, that has a great impact on the viewers and it also the brand partners to extend their seconds limit from 15 to 30seconds.

Honda has also uplifted its promotion through many videos but not forgetting about the metal sheet photos and the traditional H emblem in the snow that has been the prime choice of everybody.

Moreover it has succeeded in gaining the trust and the faith of the customers and is also making an attempt to go much beyond the customer’s satisfaction through the proper use of Instagram.

Forbes and Instagram

As per the council report, the auto industry has been trying to evoke a passion for cars in the lives of people through Instagram. 23 percent browse through social media for the purchase experience, while 38 percent go for a consultation on the app.

There is an increasing rise of percentage of about 85 percent contributing to the automotive shoppers on the social outlet such as facebook.

This also reveals that forbes has expanded its business and has been able to get engaged through social media.

5. BMW also flaunts itself with social site (@BMW)


Bayerische motoren werke otherwise shortcuts itself to well known heart throb BMW has been the leading brand till date. And all the credit goes to the updated Instagram that conveys the company’s message to the public thus adding onto the profit turn over.

The company has specialized itself in the banner of luxury vehicle that provides everything that is beyond your imagination. It is a German based company that has done its publicity in a very exquisite manner flaunting its luxurious features through Instagram.

It is one of the largest selling luxury automobile makers in the world. 100 years old company with its everlasting features and comfort provider.BMW believes in comfort first and has thus been the hot favorite of the teeming millions worldwide.

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Success through Instagram

The total profit that accounts for the BMW company is about 5.817 billion dollars and has been able to achieve it through the promotional snap shots. Not only cars but it also makes publicity of its various products lije sports cars, motorcycles, bicycles.

Moreover you will find the official BMW account has many fan followers that shares the website through Instagram photo and video website.

Craze for BMW through Instagram

BMW fans across the seas and worldwide have been using this platform to share the experience, and have some special moments with their favorite car models and enjoy their imagination.

What you can expect from BMW is an inexplicable feeling that is very emotionally connected and mostly people are going bananas over the different models of this leading automobile company.

People are always eager to watch for latest developments and stay tuned to the upcoming models and products through the Instagram. It has earned fame and has been a demand on the social site.

BMW exclusive

Not only through snap shots but viewers may also stay tuned and enjoy videos of the double gong audio logo of BMW that is exclusive in its own way.

And moreover, the sound was also advertised through TV and radios earlier and not you can also visualize it and also take the magical experience of the video.

The ultimate vehicle or the luxury vehicle has so much to provide you in plenty.

6. Volkswagen and its promotion (@volkswagen)


Volkswagen is the largest selling brand till date, where it has made its own place in the market through its skilled marketing.

Recently there has been a music festival sponsored by Volkswagen which is a medium to flaunt its company and it takes pride in this advertisement.

With very cool promo technique, Volkswagen has made it through Instagram.

The latest model polo has been promoted through laser tag, a popular game through Instagram, and it has made a blockbuster effect on the social media.

It also tagged it through twitter using the hashtag polo and the audience viewing this would automatically go for a test drive.

It is known for its high quality promotions with huge campaigns that are famous globally and adds onto the profit percentage of every sale.

But now this famous automobile company has made it through the social site and has campaign its features that spread its publicity in 6 cities of South Africa.

It has also provided various offers on the Instagram apart from only images and videos like it offers for the tagging facility.

The person who stays tagged for a long period of time would be the luckiest one to win a car himself.

It has become a social buzz where millions were exposed to the campaign approximately reaching up to 27 million users.

It has always attempted to outdo the competitors through a vivid marketing programmed and chalks out unique plans for its promotional image campaign through Instagram that is loved by everyone nowadays as it instills thrill within and also builds trusts as you believe what you see.

The VW emblem is the opening image of promotion of any model of Volkswagen and eventually displaying its best features.

The basic connecting link between trust bonding and loyalty assurance with the brand itself can be only achieved through promotional strategies leading to the ultimate social snap shot app.

Marketing strategy of Volkswagen

Volkswagen products are very popular in German, but now it is a global phenomenon that has not limited itself to a particular place.

The German engineering and an affordable price with the specialized accessories And comfort beyond imagination has lead the foundation of this company, and this all has been able to reach out to the millions through various social media apps particularly the Instagram where you can get a vision of your expectations.

Volkswagen marketing plans are quite different from other automobile industries yet having a common thing that is Instagram.

Volkswagen focuses mainly on the driver’s comfort and gives you a visual experience foe a test drive also through this magical app.

The finest move that Volkswagen has taken into the automobile industry is through the Instagram where it promotes several trendy cars, latest models at an affordable price.

It mainly believes in values and it deals with its customers accordingly.

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The highest turnover profit that the Volkswagen Company makes is mainly through its social promotion.

You can also go for the Instagram images of the pass at, the top line model of Volkswagen where you can also the live the videos of the basic features and the exclusive features simultaneously.

Customers browse through Instagram for the latest models of Volkswagen like the golf, the GTI VR6, jetta GLX and many more which gives you to visualize your expectations and also a chance to win a car.

Importance of Advertising the brand Volkswagen

Everything in this world, be it small or big has to go through advertisement in order to promote itself and have a own success story.

Every success story has gone through a struggling phase where it has needed marketing to reach out to the public for its sale and recognition.

And today the world’s leading automobile brand Volkswagen has thus achieved this fame due to sheer advertisement both in images and motion pictures or videos.

Special advertising slogans have come for the promotion that has been viral on the Instagram.

Thus, advertisement is highly essential in wiring the basic foundation of any industry including automobiles

Essence of Instagram in the promotion of business

There was a time when people just used to hear radios or simply follow a promotional slogan to purchase a thing, but today you have escalated to a higher level of marketing strategy where you can not only hear but also see and also feel the advertisement with a magical experience that will keep you connected with the product.

And then evolved Instagram, the much awaited social app, has become a necessity to promote business with picture clarity.

Different plans are there for the marketing of any brand to make it one stop package, and so called products have been labeled as the leading brands only because of the heavy promotional strategies on net both visually and audio to draw the cream out of the milk.

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Not only this, Instagram has made a revolutionary change among all business grounds and has also leads to the open invitation of a tough competition based on its promotion.

With the advertisement through beautiful images the companies deciphers the imagery creation and satiates the appetite to grab one.

You will get immersed in the alluring and mesmerizing video ads that take you to a land of imagination where you can experience your expectation.

You can also share or watch videos up to 60 seconds and enjoy till your satisfaction.