Instagram Messages on Computer

//Instagram Messages on Computer

Instagram Messages on Computer

Check Instagram Direct Messages on PC

Instagram is a great social media platform where you can share ideas, posts pictures and be in touch with other users through Instagram Direct Message service.

While sending or checking DMs on the Instagram official app is relatively easy, the process might appear little tricky and elaborate on your PC.

If you have ever thought of using Instagram Direct on your desktop to check or send private messages, follow these steps to use it like a pro.

Instagram Direct message: What is it all about?

Allowing you to send private messages to multiple Instagram users or a certain Instagram follower, Instagram Direct Message feature helps you to be connected with your friends and family.

Besdides, private chats, you can also send photos, hashtags, videos, links and many more via DM on Instagram.

Instagram app for Windows 10:

If your computer runs on Windows 10 OS, you can download the Instagram for Windows app from Microsoft App store to use DM service on your PC.

Equipped with most of the Instagram’s functionalities this app enables you to send and check all your direct messages on the computer.

  1. Download the Instagram app for Windows from Microsoft App store.
  2. Launch the app on your PC and allow it to access all your Instagram contacts.
  3. Log in using your Instagram credentials to access your news feed.
  4. To check Direct Messages click the paper plane icon at the top right corner of your profile.

check direct messages from PC

You will be able to view all your previous conversation under this section.

To start chatting, just select a contact and type your message. Though this is the easiest way to send a direct message on Instagram from PC, it only works with Windows 10 version.

While this app allows you to send photos and video DMs from your desktop, it will not let you upload posts to your Instagram profile unless you use a fancy Windows device with rear-facing camera.

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Android Emulators for Windows and Mac

If you are a Mac user or do not have Windows 10 on your PC and looking for ways to check Instagram DMs from your desktop, you should try Android Emulators.

Android Emulators allow you to run all your favourite games or apps on Windows or Mac systems.

KoPlayer, MEmu, RemixOS etc are some of the famous Android Emulators to name but BlueStacks has been known as the best among all of them.

Steps to use Bluestacks to check DM:

  1. Go to to download Bluestacks.
  2. Now install the software and launch it on your PC.
  3. Once the configuration process is finished, you will get a Welcome screen with a Right Arrow button.
  4. As soon as you click on the Right Arrow, you will be prompted to enter your Google id credentials.
  5. Finish the login process and again click on the arrow at the right side to proceed further.
  6. Once you are done with setup, a screen will appear with Search option at the left corner of the display.
  7. Click on Search and type Instagram on the search bar. Tap the Instagram app icon as soon it appears on the screen
  8. You will be redirected to the Play store from where you can download the Instagram app.
  9. Once Instagram is installed on Bluestacks, login to the app by using your Instagram credentials.
  10. Instagram news feed will open on your PC as it would open in Android app on smartphones.
  11. Tap the Instagram Direct icon at the top right of your screen to view, check or send messages.

Third-party Application

There are many third-party apps that enable users to send, check and receive Instagram direct messages from Mac or PC.

InstaPic: Compatible with Windows 10 OS, InstaPic is a free Instagram client that enables you to share, edit pictures and supports direct message service.

With it’s easy to use and intuitive interface, this app offers you the complete functionality of Instagram Direct Message services.

Besides, sharing and editing photos, with this app you can like, comment, share other users’ posts and start a new conversation.

instagram DM from pc

Following steps will let you check or send direct messages through InstaPic from your desktop.

  1. Visit the Windows App store to install InstaPic on your PC.
  2. Type InstaPic in the search bar and select enter.
  3. Once you see the app in the list click on ‘Free’ button to install it.
  4. Open the app and log in to InstaPic using your Instagram credentials.
  5. As soon as you will be able to access your news feed, you can start checking or sending Direct Messages from PC.

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Available for Mac, Windows and Linux, IG: dm is a free Instagram desktop client that enables you to send and check direct messages from your PC.

It is the unofficial messenger-like app for Instagram.

With this app on your computer, you can easily access your chat section to see previous messages or can start a new conversation with other users.

With these above-mentioned methods, now you do not have to depend on your Instagram app to check or send private Instagram messages.

Follow these steps and enjoy chatting with new Instagram users from your computer.

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