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Instagram Name Ideas

Instagram Name Ideas: List of Tools You Can Use

When you are using a platform as popular as Instagram with more than a billion users, it is very easy for your page to get lost amid the crowd.

While you can work hard on your marketing strategy, create informative posts, and offer a lot of value to the audience, all of this gets into the picture once you’ve already created a page.

However, there are a few things that you need to get right when you’re just starting with Instagram.

One of the most important of them being your Instagram name.

Instagram Name Ideas

The name that you select for your page on Instagram is very crucial. When someone searches for your name, it should pop up instantly and be recognizable.

Unless your brand is already very popular, Instagram users should be able to know what you offer by simply reading your name.

This indeed is one of the crucial steps in creating an effective Instagram page that can bring you a lot of new customers.

As your Instagram name is so important, there are now name generators to help you find that perfect name.

What are Instagram Name Generators?

If you want to have a large number of Instagram followers, it is important to ensure that people are able to easily find you on the platform.

What people will call your page has a major impact on the popularity of your Instagram page.

Even if you’ve already created an Instagram page but are not receiving the type of popularity you had imagined, changing the name can be useful.

As a matter of fact, changing your existing page name on Instagram is super simple. Follow the steps mentioned on this Instagram help page to do the needful.

The importance of having a great name on Instagram is as such that businesses often spend several days to come up with the best.

Fortunately, there are now online tools like Instagram name generators to eliminate the hassles involved in the process.

These tools allow you to find the right Instagram name on the basis of a number of factors like the actual name of your brand, keywords, numbers, and more.

Simply enter the required details and submit the same to get multiple recommendations. You can then easily select a name that you believe is the best from the options.

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Popular Tools You Can Use

The rising demand for unique and informative Instagram name has made online name generators very popular, especially among new businesses wanting to create an Instagram page.

To eliminate the need for you to try all the different tools that you find, we have a list of tools you can try-

  1. Spinxo

Spinxo is a popular online tool to find the best Instagram names. Apart from names, it also allows you to find usernames, gamer tags, nicknames and more.

This free tool requires you to enter your name, hobbies, things you like, numbers, and important words to offer a list of top recommendations.

  1. Instagram Name Generator by LingoJam

LingoJam is home to a number of amazing tools for Instagram. Apart from its cool Font Generator, its Instagram Name Generator is also very popular.

Instagram Name Ideas apps

The name generator on this platform provides amazing recommendations on the seed word or keyword you enter.

  1. Username Generator by JimPix

If you want to get real Instagram likes and followers, a name suggestion from the Username Generator on Jimpix can be very useful.

The online tool requires you to enter a keyword and a category. Based on these two details, it generates name suggestions. It also has a list of 200 popular usernames that you can try.

  1. Cool Name Generator

If you’re looking for a simple and effective online tool to find an Instagram Name, Cool Name Generator is the way to go.

The tool allows you to get random name suggestions as well as generate names on the basis of the description you provide.

  1. Screen Name Generator by Name Generator

The Screen Name Generator is also a unique name generator which can be used for finding amazing Instagram names.

The tool requires you to enter a Prefix and Suffix to come up with top name recommendations. Name Generator also has other name generating tools like YouTube name generator and more.

If you’re looking for name generators on mobile, there are a few great apps like-

  • Name Generator by Merikan Koyun
  • Nicknames Ideas Generator by Jester dev
  • Username Generator Tool by MT Service

Tips to Select an Instagram Name

While using these online tools, keep these tips in mind-

  • Make sure that your name is easy to pronounce
  • Avoid selecting something that is too similar to an existing page on Instagram
  • Do not use names that are too long or complex
  • Ensures that the name is relevant to your business
  • Pick something that is exactly the same or at least similar to your website name
  • If you are planning to create pages on multiple social networking platforms, pick a name that is available on all the platforms

Wrapping Up

It is through your name that people would find you on Instagram. Thus, you need to make sure that it is something that gives a clear idea of your business and can easily be remembered by people.

Even if you already have an Instagram page but are not receiving the results you want, try changing your name and things might change for good.

All the tools listed above are completely free and very easy to use. Try them today to find the perfect name for your business page on Instagram.

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