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Instagram Poll Questions

Instagram Poll Questions For Improved Engagement

Instagram recently added a new method of conducting polls on the platform with the stories.

Instagram stories are already a big hit among users with more than 400 million users using this feature on a regular basis.

But apart from pictures and videos, now you can also conduct polls and see its results as the followers participate.

Using this new feature is super simple too.

Just add anything to your Instagram story, tap the sticky note with the smiley face in the top right corner of the screen and select the poll sticker.

poll questions for instagram

That is it! You just created your very first poll. You also get the option to customize poll questions and answers.

When you re-watch your story later, you’ll be able to see the answers that got maximum votes.

Moreover, if you check the Instagram stories analytics, you’ll also get to see who among your followers participated in the poll and the answers they selected.

Cool, isn’t it?

This feature can be used in innovative ways, especially by the brands to drive engagement, get more followers, and know what their followers are looking from.

On the basis of poll results, they can also make changes to their Instagram marketing strategy.

But while this feature is super cool and very easy to use, it is very important that you select your questions very carefully to get the best results.

To help you out, we’ve created a list of some of the best poll questions that you can use in your Instagram stories.

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  1. This or That Questions

From latest offers, promotions, title, graphic, captions, to memes, you’re often in two minds about posting something on Instagram.

How your audience would perceive it is one of the most common reasons for this confusion.

But what if your audience could help you decide?

With the help of ‘This or That’ poll question, you’ll have a better idea of what your audience likes better.

Some examples include-

  • Which offer would you prefer, ____ or ____?
  • Which logo looks better, ____ or ____?
  • Which picture do you like better, ____ or ____?
  • What do you use more, ____ or ____?
  1. Direct Questions

If this is the first time that you’re conducting a poll, it is better to keep it simple.

Direct questions generally do the trick and bring in great responses if you have a lot of Instagram followers.

As the questions are generally very easy, people don’t mind getting involved.

Some popular examples are-

  • Would you like to buy ____?
  • Do you like ____?
  • Did you check out our latest ____?
  • What is your favorite color____?
  1. Personal Questions

People generally like when brands try to get a little personal with them.

But with personal questions, it is very important to make sure that the questions don’t get too personal and are decent in nature.

These questions are able to instantly strike a chord among your followers and generally gets a lot of answers.

You can use questions like-

  • What is the first thing that you like to do in the morning?
  • Do you like reading?
  • Do you use our ___ _? (Add your product)
  • Are you satisfied with our products?

poll questions instagram

  1. Questions Asking Permission

In the past few years, brands have been asking a lot of these questions to better engage with their followers.

Apart from engagement, permission-asking questions can also be used in unique ways to collect email address, contact details, and improve your reach.

For instance, you could ask your customers if they’d like to receive a free sample of your product.

Send a DM to people who say yes and ask for their contact details and address.

Similarly, you can use such questions in many different ways.

For example-

  • Would you like a free chapter of our best-selling book?
  • Do you want to know more about our products?
  • Want to receive our weekly newsletter?
  • Did you visit our new website?

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  1. Questions to Ask Opinions/Feedback

Another great way to engage with your followers is to ask questions where people can give their opinions or feedback.

The questions can be about your products or services or just something very basic, like current happenings in the world.

Use these questions intelligently and you’ll get a know a lot about your followers.

Some questions that you can try are-

  • How would you rate your last purchase from us?
  • Do you think our customer service needs improvement?
  • What do you think about the latest Marvel movie?
  • What do you think about the current weather?
  1. Funny Instagram Poll Questions

It is also very important to keep posting something funny every now and then to keep the followers engaged.

While the types of questions discussed above can be used in a number of ways to improve your credibility, offer better service, and boost your marketing, funny poll questions are exactly what they claim to be.

With the questions, you just try to keep your page active and full of fun and laughter.

Some questions that you could use are-

  • Is Pineapple Pizza good?
  • Would you hit your friend for $10,000?
  • Pizza or Burger?
  • Summer or Winter?


There are innumerable ways to take advantage of this new polls feature by Instagram.

Questions and polls encourage your followers to get involved and are a simple way to improve your social credibility.

They don’t just bring a lot of Instagram followers, likes and comments, but also offer great insights into what your followers are looking for.

Try to provide them what they want and you’ll get yourself a lot of loyal followers who will constantly engage and also turn into long-lasting customers.

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