Instagram Suspicious Login Attempt

//Instagram Suspicious Login Attempt

Instagram Suspicious Login Attempt

Instagram Suspicious Login Attempt – How To Fix It? 

Instagram is letting all of us showcase our creative sides, our talents and our businesses to the world and how we love it.

It is incredible how followers always want to stay updated on what these fashion influencers are up to, or what the famous local poet is working on currently.

Instagram Suspicious Login Attempt - How To Fix It

But, at times, the app drives us all cray when it keeps logging us out of our accounts. These technical glitches and bugs are super annoying.

And worst of all, the error message that pops up on the screen when you try to log in “Suspicious Login Attempt.

While logging in, again and again, is still fine up to an extent, getting past the suspicious login attempt error message can be a task.

If you are also facing this issue, and it is affecting your business or work, then here are a few ways to fix this issue. But first, you should know why it is happening altogether.

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Reasons Why You Might Be Seeing This Error Message

There are a few reasons as to why Instagram may freeze your account and lock you out.

  • You Often Log In To Your Instagram From Two Or More Different Devices, Or Someone Else Tried To Log In To Your Instagram Account

In an attempt to protect your account from getting hacked, Instagram might lock your account if the login attempt has been made from a device that Instagram is unaware of.

It is hard for the app the find out if the login attempt was coming from you, or someone else trying to break into your account.

Instagram Suspicious Login Attempt - was this you

  • The Solution-

Once the account has been locked, upon opening the app, you will be prompted by a message window with two options- It Was Me, and It Wasn’t Me.

  • In Case It Was You

On the screen, along with the error message, the app will also show the time at which and location from where the login attempt was made.

If these details look familiar to you, and you know for sure it was you, simply tap the ‘It Was Me’ option.

From here, you will be taken to the login page, where after entering the username and password you will be able to use your account.

  • In Case It Wasn’t You

If the login attempt details don’t look familiar, and just like Instagram, you also get suspicious of this attempt, then tap the ‘It Wasn’t Me’ option.

Instagram will immediately send you a password resetting link to your linked email id or mobile number. This email/ phone number will be the one you used while creating this account.

  • You Are Trying To Log In From A Different IP Address

Sometimes, the IP address of your network is changed even without any modifications being made.

This is a general behavior of the DHCP server (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol). There is nothing to worry about.

However, a change in your IP address might be an indication to Instagram that there is a suspicious activity going on, and it might end up locking you out.

  • The Solution-

There are ways you can fix this issue and obtain a static IP address. Several blogs on the internet explain the steps for how to go about it.

Once you have the issue sorted, restart the app, and try logging in. If the problem still persists, try logging in after 4 to 5 hours, or a day. It might take a while before the app updates the IP address again.

  • There Might Be A Technical Glitch

While this is very uncommon, it is still possible. A technical bug or glitch can also be the reason you are locked out of your account.

  • The Solution-

A simple answer to this is to uninstall the app and re-install it again.

You could also try deleting the cached files from your phone’s settings.

Alternatively, also look for any updates available for the app, because sometimes even a pending update might make it hard for you to use the app efficiently.

While using these fixes should mostly be able to help you retrieve your Instagram account, in some cases, the scenario is different.

A lot of us have accounts which are pretty old and have never taken the pain of updating our contact information.

And some of us have multiple Instagram accounts, which might be linked to fake email addresses/ FB accounts or phone numbers that no longer work.

Getting locked out of your own Instagram account is the only time we are going to regret being careless about this.

You should never use fake Ids/ profiles to create new accounts.

And you should also always keep your information updated; you never know when you might need it.

Now that you are here, already regretting your procrastinating behavior towards doing things, we shall help you deal with it.

There are a few ways you can go about retrieving your account. You could contact the help center or the support forum and tell them what the problem is.

Or, you could write them an email, explaining what happened and they will certainly help you out.

And once you get your account back, kindly update your information, for you don’t wanna go through this torture again. Update the relevant email address, your current mobile number and enable the two-factor authentication in the app.

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The Conclusion

Instagram is a great social networking platform, and we are truly, madly, deeply in love with it.

Also, it is where it is today because of the dedication it has towards providing us with the best experience ever.

Instagram has to protect the privacy of our accounts and to lock us out every time it suspects something unusual is only a way of ensuring security and safety.

Although there are ways you can get your account back, you have to be very careful while following these steps.

If not, you might end up losing your account forever. And you don’t want that.

Hope this article is helpful in getting your account back.

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