Instagram Tattoo Artists

//Instagram Tattoo Artists

Instagram Tattoo Artists

Are You a Tattoo Lover? 5 Freaking Instagram Tattoo Artists to Follow

Along with avid photographers, even tattoo lovers and tattoo artists artists get inspired on Instagram.

Tattooing is not a simple job.

It is simply a visual body art which is a lot different from HD photos.

Check out how instagram is helping the photographers. Before getting tattooed, be sure to decide an emblem and find an expert to ink it completely.

Instagram is a true haven for tattoo lovers to stumble upon active pros who are here to share their amazing works of art on regular basis.

Tattoo Artists

Whether you are a die-hard fan of tattooing who often muses around awesome body art or someone who wants to get some ink, you can easily get an amazing range of collection.

Now, you no longer need to visit several tattoo shops and flip through hundreds of pages, thanks to Instagram.

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Emily Rose Murray

The go-to veteran tattooist is known to be surrealist, orthodox and intricate because of her work.

If you are going to pin for femme fatales of 1920s style, this tattoo artist is good to go for.

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Nikko Hurtado

Anyone would confuse his work with a painting at first glance. Well, these are actually tattoos, stenciled, sketched and inked to perfection.

It comes from his sheer expertise on using color palette influenced by unimaginative control over tattoo machine and realistic shadings.

Checking out his well-stocked profile is something like visiting a museum. He has around 734,000 followers and is one of the most popular tattooists on the web.

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Philip Szlosek

From anchors and gypsy girls to falcons, skulls, panthers and snakes, he lines almost everything. Visit his portfolio and you will find much more to explore.

Joe Capobianco (@whatsnottalike)

With over 20 years of experience in airbrushing and tattooing, he has inked some of the most amazing pin-up styled tattoos.

They are not the normal pinups as he has won a lot of awards in some of the most common tattooing events across the US.

From being naughty to comical, he can ink any kind of pinup you want. On his tattoos, the ladies painted have seductive lips, big curves and large hips.

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Mike Rubendall and Chris O’ Donnell

The tattooist duo has around 20 years of experience.

Their tattoos have the ideal balance between modernized American style and Japanese-inspired tradition.

The duo has created an amazing range of tattoos and this is what they are popular for.

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