Instagram Tools You Should Use to Improve Your Marketing

//Instagram Tools You Should Use to Improve Your Marketing

Instagram Tools You Should Use to Improve Your Marketing

Do you want to level up your Instagram marketing?

Do you want to use tools that are helpful to support your efforts? This way, you need to add the right marketing tools to your strategy which project more professional image to you and give valuable insights to you.

Now, we are going to discuss six Instagram tools to boost your marketing efforts.

Instagram Tools – Add a Website URL to Bio

Using the website URL in your bio is the most common and best way to lead followers to your website.

You have to add one clickable link to the bio so you have to use it well.

Visit “Edit Profile” and type the link in the text box. In Instagram bio, link can direct followers to your website.

With tool, you can use bio link in order to attract followers to page that has same feel and look like your Instagram feed.

They can click images to read your content and buy your product. In the Instagram bio of New York Times, they have link.

When someone clicks link, they are directed to curated page with top stories.

Users can click on image to get the story behind it.

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With Analytics dashboard, you can get valuable information to find out what content works well.

You have to focus on posts that are doing well to make a content strategy.

You can increase subscribers list to newsletters, blog posts or email campaigns and revenue by tracking clicks on this social platform. Keep track on your click-through rate.

So, you can use vanity URL to find out the source of your clicks.

In short, you can use this technique for any links like YouTube channel, shopping portal or company blog.

In order to step ahead, you can create a landing page on Instagram which collects emails with downloadable content like eBook.

The design should look similar to your Instagram feed to make a visual connection with the user.

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A Color Story – Add a Signature Look to Your Images

You have to tell the story of a company in order to have a successful Instagram account.

Your images truly reflect your business and they should attract your target audience by adding emotions.

Be sure to have cohesive look to the images which combines your brand assets.

A Color Story is a tool that can help you out.

With this app, you can fine-tune your pictures and add a more professional look before you post on Instagram.

The filters of the app can help improve the images and highlight them.

They are not going to overexpose and look grainy. There are five basic filters of app you can use for free or you can pay $7.99 to access all the filters.

To add a consistent look, it is wise to stick to only a few filters. Pick a great filter which unifies all images on Instagram.

Don’t post images which are not related to your business or message you have to convey.

SnapWidget – Enhance Visibility on Instagram Feed

Your Instagram feed should be revealed in front of target audience as much as you can.

You have to embed your feed on your blog or website with SnapWidget.

This way you can have free social presence and advertising on your site.

You can also request visitors to follow you on Instagram. With this tool, you can look for slideshow, grid layout, or photo map with which users can explore places Instagrammed by you.

After adding the code to your blog or website, this tool will pull the latest pictures from your account automatically and it will keep on updating your site automatically.

Add Call to Action to Images

You have to design Instagram pictures that can add conversion.

You can add call to action and your URL to pleasing picture.

The picture has call to action which asks followers to join contest for free access. Then the users are directed to click link in bio from the photo caption.

If you start Instagram contests, this technique is helpful where your followers are asked to enter their email info on website.

Today, you can have a strong part of sharable content which attracts followers to the contest.

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ScheduGram – Schedule Your Posts

Life often gets in the way even though Instagram is about capturing life on the go.

You cannot stick to your phone always and you often need a few days off social posting.

You can use a tool ScheduGram to maintain your active online presence.

With the help of this web-based tool, you can post to your account immediately or schedule posts.

With this tool, you can manage several Instagram account so there is no need to logging in and out again and again from individual accounts.

You can enable access to several users so everyone can access your posting schedule on your Instagram posting.

Repost for Instagram – Share Photos from Other Accounts

You need to develop a sharing, supporting and engaging community to have a successful Instagram feed.

It is among the best things to do for your online business. If you support other users and interact with them, they are likely to reciprocate your actions and your followers can become more engaged and active.

Sharing the photos of others is known to be a great way to build relationships with followers.

Available for Android and iOS, Repost for Instagram can report images from other Instagram accounts and share stories of original owners and give them credit on your feed.

This way, you can build relationships and share interesting and relevant images at the same time with followers.

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Iconosquare – Keep Track on the Performance of Content

You need to have a strategy behind each post of Instagram. Do you want to drive people to leave a comment, like your photo, or visit your website?  Once your goal is clear for Instagram marketing, you have to keep track of your analytics to find out if you are going to meet your goals.

Iconosquare is an Instagram analytics tool that is capable to keep track of your stats so you can find out if your marketing techniques are doing well.

You can easily view your account metrics like comments, likes and followers engaged.

With the help of Iconosquare, you can see which of the post got most engagement on platform.

This way, you can instantly see what is doing well for your account and you can post and create more of such kinds of content.

It is always important to view analytics and monitor what your followers like or dislike if you want to build an engaged community on Instagram.

Collecto is yet another great Instagram tool to monitor and keep track on the performance of your account.

You can check out the overview of your engagement and pictures and summary of locations, tags, stats and filters for your posts.

In order to market your business, Instagram is considered to be the most popular and sought-after social media platforms with around 400 million users.

The platform is quite noisy. So you have to rise over your competition and create catchy content which can grab the attention of your audience.

These tools will deliver consistent, fresh content to your followers and engage them.

Using Instagram’s Hyperlapse Video

Is your business using Instagram? Is there any area for time-lapse video in marketing? It seems like you need a costly camera equipments and accessories to shoot time-lapse videos.

As a matter of fact, all you need is Hyperlapse app from Instagram. Here, we are going to discuss how businesses use Hyperlapse video to enhance engagement with followers.

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Why Use Hyperlapse?

In order to condense long experiences in short episodes, time-lapse video is known to be the best way to convey your message to your Facebook audience while gathering attention.

Before getting started, take a quick look at how brands are using Hyperlapse in their efforts and find out how you can do it.

Create Buzz for New Offerings

In tech industry, unboxing is considered to be a very important trend.

But thus tactic can easily be used in the retail industry.

The time-lapse video of Foot Locker generated over 37000 likes by giving a sneak peak of new product to their followers.

Do you have lots of customers asking when you are releasing new products? Now you can uncover your new product in Hyperlapse video to get it in front of the eyes of your followers before it is launched in the market.

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Give an Idea What to Expect

You should give an idea to your visitors about what should they experience with you to attract people to pay a visit to your community.

In Visit Copenhagen, the bright insight of two bridges shows the friendliness of the city for pedestrians and cyclists.

Trump Miami shows the beach in their hyperlapse video and a quick shot of the relaxing pool area of the hotel.

This technique works really well for travel industry. Even attractions and restaurants can find value in this video.

This way, Hyperlapse is used by Disneyland to take followers on Teacup ride.

For Hyperlapse, there are several other applications.

For example, if you are running a conference, you can create video which shows how to reach your conference from nearest hotels.

Pull the Curtain Back

When it comes to build stronger relationships with customers and fans, you have to make them feel special by giving a different access to you.

Both Cosmopolitan and Vogue created hyperlapse videos to give a view to their followers on their offices and an insight of staff who is working there.

The producer of handcrafted vessels for drinks, Mazama created a stunning video that shows how a beverage vessel is created from start to finish.

Despite its size, any business can get the most of this tactic.

You can open up your back room or offices to give a behind-the-scenes, quick view of your processes or private areas.

Offer Experience with Products

You should give a customized view to your customers so they can experience your product completely, even though it is not tangible.

This way, Mercedes-Benz provides a closed course to the viewers for test drive to check how car deals with curves.

You can create point of view video to make a change in response of audience to video. This way, you have to ensure putting viewer in driver’s seat.

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Build Excitement on Events

If you have promoted any event, you understand it is not all about words of mouth, but it is also about adding excitement among people.

This way, Budweiser shows how cool and fun their musical festival is.

If you are going to host an event, give a front row seat to your audience and show how much people enjoy the show. It acts as a social proof for your business.

Give a Virtual Tour

The ideal way to experience something is getting there in person.

However, everyone will not have time to walk through your doorsteps to make it happen.

This way, the White House uses a Hyperlapse walkthrough video of 15 seconds to share the inner view with people who cannot tour there.

The National Gallery of Art has created a stunning video to showcase the Multiverse installation of Leo Villareal. Hyperlapse is considered to be the easiest way to share art on the museum.

It attracts viewers to the museum. You should showcase unique features and places which can make your venue or community a well-known destination with short tours.

Highlight Service or Product Features

You have to be up-front and do your best on what you are offering if you don’t want to let your customers down.

Yoga Hobo uses this video to reduce disappointed customers count who registered for one kind of yoga class when they expect another.

To help others understand the process, a short instructional video works.

Tell Story

Stories are considered to be the ideal way to avoid hard sell and attract audience.

Subtle promotion can give great results. The video of Milk Bone is less commercial and more story-oriented.

It is targeted yet subtle. The company shows fun outing with dogs to attract dog-lovers.

The owner gives a Milk-Bone treat to their dog. Create the story on how people are using your products in day to day life.

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