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How to Deal with Instagram Trolls like a Champ

All that you Need to Know to Shut off Trolling on your Insta Account

With over 1000 million users logging in every month, Instagram is one of the giants of social media.

The photo-sharing app sees tons of different users, brands, marketers and more from all corners of the internet.

And, just like any other social app, Instagram sees its share of trolls.

Unlike the friendly trolls you see and read on children’s fairy tales, the social media troll is a disgusting creature – waiting to prey on the insecurities of the vulnerable.

Undoubtedly, trolls are the darkest denizens of the Instagram community, and they like nothing better than negative attention.

Trolls are waiting for the perfect opportunity to incite anger and spread hatred, with every keystroke.

They hide behind anonymous profiles and screens, waiting for the perfect moment to throw insults and spark controversy, just because they can do it.

If you haven’t yet come across a troll on Instagram, no worries! You’ll come across an Insta troll sooner rather than later. That’s the equivalent of Murphy’s Law of the digital world.

So, it pays to be aware of the options available to you and the best ways to protect yourself from a troll attack.

Here are the top strategies to prevent trolls from wrecking your image and emotions on Instagram.

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Defend Yourself with the Shield of Keywords

Instagram’s CEO, Kevin Systrom, in an interview last year stated that it was one of his goals to clean up the internet and make it safe for all users.

In view of this noble mission, the CEO introduced several changes to Instagram over the course of the last few months.

These latest updates make it easy for Insta users to filter out inflammatory, aggressive and mean-spirited comments on their posts.

Here’s how you can do it.

Manage Instagram Comments

Yes, it’s true that you cannot stop trolls from doing their misdeeds. But, what you can do is – deprive them of the one thing they want – attention.

Instagram now lets you hide inappropriate comments. This system makes use of the Abusive Content, Scam or Spam feature of Instagram.

With the help of machine learning, this feature flags inappropriate content and blocks offensive comments from appearing on your post.

Comments are filtered out on the basis of keywords that are reported “offensive” by a large number of users.

To set up this feature, click on the settings button in your profile. Scroll to Comments. Then, make sure that the “Use Default Keywords” checkbox is ticked, and poof – the comments of your trolls disappear from your account.

instagram trolls


instagram trolls comment filtering

If you want to take this a step further, you can create a list of custom keywords that you find offensive or the ones used by trolls who target you.

Enter these keywords in the box, click Submit and protect yourself from offensive comments.

This way, you can interact with your genuine followers, without having to deal with trolls who do nothing but waste your time.

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Turn off Commenting

Instagram gives you the power to turn off user comments on your posts. You can also choose which posts that you don’t want any comments.

However, this option raises one question – if trolls hound you, then, aren’t you giving them the satisfaction of winning by turning off comments.

Well, yes and no. No single answer fits this question. While there’s no doubt, that Instagram comments are a major part of what makes the social media app tick, there are times, when suspending comments is indeed a smart move.

Additionally, if you don’t want to turn off comments completely, you can shut down comments on a post for a specific time and resume later.

Make sure that you communicate the reason for this action to your followers, before using this feature. This way, you ensure that you don’t lose out your regular followers.

Turning off comments is quite simple. Click on the Advanced Settings option at the bottom of the Settings tab. Choose turn comments off. This disables comments for all your posts.

instagram trolls turn off commenting

On the other hand, for turning comments on or off for a particular post just click on the post.

Then, tap the three-dots you see in the top right-hand corner of the screen and choose the option, Turn off Commenting.

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Create a Code of Conduct for Instagram Account

By being upfront about what’s acceptable and what will lead to blocking, you can handle and tackle your trolls better.

Start by checking out the community guidelines specified by Instagram. It’s a comprehensive list that states the behavior tolerated by the platform.

You can create a similar code of conduct for your Instagram page. This way, you set down limits on what’s allowed and what isn’t.

instagram trolls community guidelines

Let your Instagram followers know what language and behavior are permissible and what could happen if someone breaks the code.

By being transparent with your followers, if someone gets blocked, they know the exact reason for it.

Final Thoughts – Don’t Take the Bait

Remember that trolls aren’t there to have a constructive argument with you. Instead, all they want is negative attention and to provoke tempers.

So, if you find that a person is engaged in trolling, make sure to follow any one of the steps listed above.

Make sure that you don’t let them hijack the conversation and manipulate you to respond emotionally.

Above all, don’t feed Instagram Trolls. Instead, up your Defenses!

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