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Instagram Hacks – How to Use the New Pinch to Zoom Feature on Instagram

Now, add more Details & Effects to your Pictures and Videos on Insta Stories

Earlier this year, Instagram introduced GIF stickers that could be used on Insta Stories. During this launch, the popular photo-sharing social media network announced that it would soon add the ability to share pictures and videos in their original dimensions.

If you’re an avid user of Instagram, then you would be very well aware of the frustrations of not being able to check photos of people on your following list, with limited zoom.

Well, no more! Keeping with its promise, the company rolled out the much awaited “Pinch to Zoom” feature on February of this year.

Before this feature, if you added landscape or square images to the Insta app, more than half of the image would be cropped out. You ended up losing faces of people in the pic or the beautiful imagery of the landscape you shot.

Instagram even lacked inbuilt features to move the images around, or zoom in/out.

In fact, Instagram users had to rely on third-party apps like Squaready to overcome these challenges.

While this provided a way to tackle the issue, it was a bit of a hassle as you had to always edit images before posting and not to mention the added storage space on your phone, used by the third-party app.

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Instagram 101 – Zooming in and out on Instagram Stories

If you want to add an extra fun twist to your Instagram Stories and increase your follower count, then you need to check out the zooming feature on Insta.

This feature is available for the following modes – Normal, rewind, boomerang, hands-free and even while recording with selfie filters.

Zooming helps to add some pretty fun features to your videos and images.

And, what more, using this feature is quite easy – all it takes is a long press or a swipe of your finger, and you’re done.

Here, in this post, we give you all that you need to know about using this feature for different modes. Let’s get started.

Method 1: Using Zoom in Normal Mode

To zoom in on any, in the normal mode, all you have to do is pinch the screen in or out. Once you have zoomed in to the required level, then click the photo as usual.

If you want to zoom in while recording a video, then you have to long-press the record button.

zoom instagram picture

Use the same finger you’re using to press down the record button, to zoom in or out. By sliding the finger up, you zoom in, and by sliding the finger down, you zoom out.

Remember that by lifting the finger up, from the record button, you pause the recording.

You have to keep on long-pressing the record button while sliding up or down to zoom in and out of the video.

Method 2: Using Zoom in Boomerang Mode

Using the zoom in boomerang is similar to recording a video with the zoom feature in normal mode.

Long-press the record button, to start the video, then while pressing the record button, slide your finger up or down, to zoom in or out of the video.

Remember that the Boomerang starts recording as soon as you long press the button.

Method 3: Using Zoom in Rewind Mode

You can create some pretty awesome effects by zooming in and out of your videos while using the “Rewind” mode. This is also similar to the above two methods.

zoom in - out instagram picture

To start the video recording, long press on the record button, and swipe your finger up or down, to zoom in or out, while holding the record button.

Just like the normal mode, as soon as you lift your finger off the record button, the video stops recording.

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Method 4: Using Zoom in Hands-free Mode

For using the zoom feature in the hands-free mode, you’ve got two options. Let’s take a closer look at both these methods. You can then decide which one works for you.

The first method – You can zoom in before you start recording the video.

zoom in - out instagram picture - hands free

Use the pinch to zoom feature to focus on the spot you want and then click on the record button to start the video.

For instance, if you want your face to be zoomed in for the video, then pinch in, focus on your face and then start recording.

Once you have positioned the frame at the correct spot, you can click on the record button.

The Stories feature runs a quick countdown timer “3-2-1” and starts recording. This way, your video captures the particular spot where you have zoomed in.

On the other hand, if you want to start the video at default zoom and then zoom in/out later in the video, then you can use the second method.

This one is also quite easy to use. Start by tapping on the record button. Then, take your finger away.

Remember you’re using the hands-free mode, so it isn’t necessary to keep on pressing the record button as with the “normal” mode.

Then, when you want to zoom in/out, long-press the record button as before. Swipe your finger up/down to zoom in/out.

Method 5: Using Zoom with Selfie Filters

Lastly, if you want to zoom in or out while using selfie filters, it’s way easier. First choose your shooting mode – normal, boomerang, hands-free or any other mode.

Then, once you’re ready to start recording – long press the video button.

And, then while pressing on the record button, as usual, swipe your finger up or down, to zoom in or out.

Play with Zoom to add Interesting Effects and Depth to your Insta Stories

Remember that you can control the zoom speed to make it customized and suitable for your specific video style.

However, if you’re concerned about image quality, then remember that zooming at fast speeds can make your videos appear grainy and shaky.

Zooming is an easy way to add a playful vibe and some depth to your Insta stories.

Play around with this feature to take your videos and images to the next level and enthrall your followers and increase the comments and likes on your Instagram posts!

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