How To Market Your Business on Instagram Using St. Patty’s Day

//How To Market Your Business on Instagram Using St. Patty’s Day

How To Market Your Business on Instagram Using St. Patty’s Day

For those who may be thinking of little bit of luck for the Irish for their marketing campaign, St. Patrick’s Day showcases a huge opportunity. These holidays are best choice for different reasons.

Naturally, people are excited about holidays and marketers can get into the excitement by posting related to holidays.

No matter if you are marketing a product, a brand or yourself.

You can garner lots of interest in your posts or profile while using holidays as a tool for marketing on Instagram.

Whether you want to generate profit or just a bit more buzz with your audience, Patrick’s Day is the best day.

Market your business on instagram

Market Your Business on Instagram

Be Innovative

When you have all the resources available, one thing to consider is that you should have some creativity at the end of the day.

You need to find a way to blend the whole theme with anything to market yourself on Instagram.

It is still going to be easy with certain niches. Check this 8 tips to grow your followers super fast.

In case you are trying hard for ideas, be sure to look at your competition. Look what others are doing and get inspired with your unique ideas.

Use St. Patty’s Day to promote your product, services or your business on Instagram to connect with your clientele, followers and everyone.

Go Green

It’s not about recycling. Change your Instagram profile photo to celebrate the event. According to what you’ve got, you can create a new version of logo.

Or you can get something like green filter on your existing profile photo.

Be sure to do something that depicts that you are celebrating and it will add more interest to your product, yourself, brand or service.

You can do the same with photos uploaded all day long. Filtered images do really well on Instagram. Hashtags go hand in hand with themed pictures.

Use Hashtags

Hashtags are one of the popular ways to find content on several places like Instagram.

It can also help you engage your audience and add more attention to your post choosing the right strategy.

Here are few of the common hashtag ideas – #StPaddysDay, #StPattysday, #StPatricksDay, #PaddysDayDeals, #ShamrockSpecial, and #PattysDayDeals.

Few of these hashtags would work only when you have a special promotion. Others are helpful to generate more interaction and buzz with audience.

People can be looking for different variations of #PaddysDay or #StPatricksDay.  Be sure to see what is bussing around the day and use variations which are trending.

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