Instagram Photography tips for Travelers

//Instagram Photography tips for Travelers

Instagram Photography tips for Travelers

Shots of mountains in Switzerland, sunsets over Brooklyn Bridge, and the perfectly sandy, cropped Bora Bora landscapes are the stuffs found most commonly in Instagram feeds of most travel freaks.

For the regular people, you may easily get jealous with the glossy perfection that embue the artistic work of amazing travel Instagrammers.

It is natural to capture the moments on your own trip.

Instagram Travel photo tips


1. Consider Your Phone

If you have iPhone, it has very versatile and capable camera.

In order to enhance its potential, you should know about it. Use your iOS camera app because it is fastest and will never let you down.

You can capture short-lived, precious moments very quickly.

You can capture the vast open landscapes and scenery in Panorama mode.

When it comes to capture a view which has both extremely dark and bright areas, turn the HDR mode on.

When capturing people in daylight, turn the Flash on to avoid faces looking dark.

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2. Take Photos Horizontally

To get the most of the scene in your original picture, take the shot in horizontal position.

Crop it in square mode on Instagram so you can choose what you want to show.

Don’t worry to get dirty to take the best shot. If

you wish to have very original shot or the best picture of scenery, consider new angles from the height, from the ground, over a river or a canal.

Go anywhere where others hesitate to go.

3. Also Use Third Party Apps

You may never take a worst photo if you know how to edit your photo.

Not all professionals adjust or tweak their photos so their good shots look great.

It must be applied to the pictures that are taken on your device.

You can find a lot of photo editing apps. Snapseed and PS Express are two of the hottest favorite apps.

4. Lighting is the Key

If you want softer light, you may shoot during evening or early morning, whenever possible.

It can also be the best way to create silhouettes. Be sure to align your subjects to show the symmetry, if possible.

Line the symmetry up well to add balance to the shot.

You can sometimes frame subjects with objects like branches or leaves.

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5. Play with Natural Elements

You can play with elements of nature like birds, clouds, sunrays etc.

You can also make rain your best friend. Go out, have a walk and get the most of the puddles.

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