The Significance of Instagram as a Marketing Tool

//The Significance of Instagram as a Marketing Tool

The Significance of Instagram as a Marketing Tool

Obviously, most of the results on Instagram are turned out to be selfies, cats or food at different restaurants.

The general public was oblivious with the fact that social media has fueled up the global businesses.

Sadly, people have been underrating the power of social media.

If you are not enjoying the opportunity to engage your public with social media today, you are missing out a great potential to make it work.

Social media advertising significantly drive a huge amount of business and it extends all the scopes and spheres of business.

No matter it is a specialty pizza parlor or a huge franchise, everyone is on social media.

Social media marketing is about reaching loyal audience to add a change in their behavior by giving call to action to them.

The only way to drive a change in perception is to be where people are spending time and engaging more. Let’s find out why Instagram has become so important for businesses.


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For the first time, last year, the consumption of mobile media surpassed with around 1.6 billion likes every day, 100 million active users every day, and 20 billion shared pictures.

The numbers are even higher if you are targeting the millennials. With penetration of around 42% of millennial Smartphone users, they are going to spend around 439 minutes per month. Here’s why Instagram does stack up against various social platforms.

According to a recent study, there are 58 times more chances for Instagram users to comment, like and share a post of a brand than users on Facebook and 120 times more than Twitter users.

All such data indicates that users are going to move from Facebook and Twitter and turning their move to Instagram. It proves that Instagram is the leading mobile and social platform for brands in order to reach audiences which want to engage.

You are just missing out if you are not marketing your business on Instagram.

Behind this shockingly high engagement, the main reason is that the customer craves to share their reactions, stories and experiences visually. Instagram provides a platform with its unique ability to showcase your visual content.

According to the marketers, visual content is the king. On Instagram, content is just easier to understand, more sharable and more universal than other kinds of content. Visual storytelling is an art form and ability to craft a conversation for a longer period is a talent which should be harnessed.

To grab the eyes of audience, you should create content which is both sharable and engaging and you must be active on Instagram.

Influencers are the Key

The most effective marketing comes from family, friends, and someone you trust and follow. They are known as influencers. In order to reach the ideal audiences, you have to utilize and connect with such influencers.

With proper guidelines, they are capable to create content for an idea or product which will resonate with audience and have great impression. Usually, an influencer can reach around 300,000 people by posting only once. It drives not just huge referral traffic to your page, but also creates real time advocacy.

They can tell really a great story in mobile environment. It is important to tap into the abilities of them to work and collaborate with them. When it comes to plan an influencer marketing campaign, marketers should consider the important things –

  • Transparency – You need to ensure activity of followers and transparency of content. If an account has 1 million followers, it doesn’t mean they are active.
  •  Audience – Be sure that you are going to reach target audience. It’s about choosing and using the right influencers.

Instagram is for Everyone

If you are not on Instagram, you must be. It is the most personal and beautifully simplistic mobile platform. It is loaded with potential and people eager to connect with brand on more tangible and intimate level.

This can be challenging to create content on Instagram. The visual imagery is important to tell any brand’s story. Despite the industry, any company is capable to create campaigns in order to use this platform in order to share creative captions, alluring imagery, and reach target audience.

There are different companies getting it well and using it to share their vision, their background and their story.

Check how fashion industry has transfomed with instagram marketing

Identity and Branding

You have to envision a visual, cohesive campaign which relates to the brand. You have to decide the direction to lead your brand. First of all, you have to pick a color palette that can match your brand.

You have to choose a filter to add great effect and grab attention. You may consider an example of KFC’s Instagram. It has a warm tinge of colors which is helpful to identify with brand in a better way.

It has same red color used in their ads on most of the pictures and catchy hashtags.

Getting Started

The best part is that the app is free to download on both Android and iOS. First of all, you have to choose a user name which should match with other social media profiles of your business. It can enhance visibility and it can be easier to explore your brand for people.

In that case, your real name must be your company name. Instagram also has some space for a short bio of your brand and a box to add a link. Some companies link to their discounts or sale with that URL.

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Use Your Imagery

Do you ever come across that irritating notification on your News feed that asks you to join Instagram? If you are an artist, business owner or someone who is looking to create something amazing, this is where you can start.

You can get a chance to get into big leagues. Instagram has just wrested off most of the marketing strength of Facebook with pure brilliance and simplicity of marketing and interface.

Instagram is not dependent on any niche. You are just limited to your vision. You have to find innovative ideas to promote your brand.

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