The Top 6 Hacks for Becoming The Next Instagram Celebrity

//The Top 6 Hacks for Becoming The Next Instagram Celebrity

The Top 6 Hacks for Becoming The Next Instagram Celebrity

Celebrities and social media influencers dominate the digital marketing industry.

Young Internet users and consumers no longer buy goods the traditional way: Walking into a store and buy products. Social media has revolutionized the way modern people buy. Today, peoples’ buying decision is based on their friend’s or personality’s review, recommendations, or endorsement.

Become next Instagram Celebrity

An influencer, who is consolidating massive Instagram following, is more likely to encourage a follower to buy a company’s product than a million-dollar advertisement.  A study by McKinsey found that “marketing-induced consumer-to-consumer word of mouth generates more than twice the sales of paid advertising, plus it has a 37 percent higher retention rate.”

Influencer marketing

You are strong, powerful sales machine if you grow your popularity, amass huge social media following, or become an Instagram celebrity. This article walks you through six step-by-step hacks to become the next Instagram celeb and take your brand to the next level.

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1. Imitate popular influencers

You’re not an Instagram celeb yet.

So the smartest way to start clearing your path to become one is to learn from your favorite stars. Sure, you have your darling model, right? We all do. Now, go ahead and stalk them. See what they’re doing on the photo-sharing app…and imitate them.

My beloved celeb is Selena Gomez.

Follow other celebrities

I just admired the young singer and actress and followed her on social. I was baffled when I saw her Instagram follower count: Over 120 million followers.

selena gomez

This young Instagrammer has no limit to the number of traffic, likes, and sales she’ll drive to your e-commerce store. While it’s not easy for us to become Selena Gomez overnight, we can look into what she’s doing and incorporate the same on our Instagram profiles.

We can carefully ask the following questions to imitate our favorite Instagram celebrities the right way:

  • What makes Instagram celebrities’ profile unique?
  • What content do they often share?
  • What content do people often like and comment on?

And then try to do as they do. However, don’t just copy directly – what they do. Try to stand out.

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2. Stand out

When you analyze what your favorite Instagram celebs and influencers are doing, your job is to learn from them, so you develop your own unique style, not to copy exactly what they’re doing.

Because let’s face it, everyone has their own unique style. You’ll be more appealing to people if you do your things differently, and not just try to be someone you’re not. Take the Indian beverage brand Frooti, for example.

stand out

The company has explored their visual style content sharing in a unique way:


…And their marketing campaign on social is very much successful. So, refer to your favorite brand or model for inspiration, and do things your own way.

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3. Cross-promote your hashtag

Becoming popular and celebrated is all about being seen everywhere doing extraordinary things.

The good news is that, social networking sites make it so easy to be everywhere at the same time with a simple click. For example, you can cross-promote your content or hashtag on different platforms.

Cross-promotion entails the sharing of your post from one social media account to other different social media accounts. For instance, you can share the photo you’ve just posted on Instagram on Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat and vice versa. And that’s very effective in terms of gaining more eyeballs, followings, and more shares.

A Buzzsumo study of over 1 billion Facebook posts from 3 million brand pages found that images posted to Facebook via Instagram receive more engagement than natively published images:

cross promote your hashtag

If you’re not cross-promoting your content on social, it’s time to start doing so. It helps you become more popular and increases your chances of becoming the next celeb on Instagram.

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4. Participate in popular conversations

Celebrities, Titans, and Instagram influencer don’t just hide in one corner in their social media world. They participate in popular conversations.

A big political event that can shape the community’s psyche. A breaking news about an important issue. An important course of action. Popular conversations are always open, and celebrities jump in to weigh in on their opinions. In fact, sometimes, they are the ones that usually are at the center of the discussion.

If you want to be known and celebrated, you have to be seen and heard in popular discussions. On Instagram, these conversations are not hard to find. Trending topics, for instance, can be a great place to start searching for popular conversations. Hashtags are another.

Once you find the one you can confidently participate in, don’t just drop one or two comments and disappear. Try to make a difference. Be bold in voicing your opinions. Say what you believe in but be positive. Drop comments that will change the course of history, change other peoples’ lives.

Popular conversations that are constructive fuel the chances of you becoming famous. You have to dig into Instagram to the popular discussions that are worth participating in and join in to make a difference.

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5. Create avenues for more engagement

Popular celebrities and Instagrammars are social, fun, and vibrant. They don’t just receive a ton of Instagram following and likes and comment for nothing. They receive these gestures because they facilitate them.

So, how do you create more avenues for more engagement? First, include some faces in your posts to boost engagement. A study from Georgia Tech looked at 1.1 million random Instagram pictures and discovered these two interesting bits of information. Pictures with faces get:

  • 38% more likes
  • 32% more comments

This is something HubSpot does very well in its feed to showcases the people behind the company:

create avenues for more engagement

Instagram influencers post quality images, videos, and updates. Content that sparks interest, attract attention, inspire users… because they are real, original, and display human face.

They know who they are, and they are not afraid to share their stories in visuals on the photo-sharing app. Unlike others, Instagram celebs are not afraid to post photos of themselves in awkward looks. Why? Because:

  • They are original
  • They have unique personalities
  • They don’t try to impress everyone

To maximize your chances of becoming the next Ariana Grande or Justin Bieber on Instagram, you have got to start doing the following on the social networking site:

  • Return the favor by following those that follow you. Social media following is a sign of love. An individual user who clicks to follow you do so because they love you, your content, your personality, or your brand. If you follow them back, you return the favor. And they will feel a sense of connectedness with your life.
  • Respond to your follower’s comments. Responding to a comment is an important gesture on social. When someone spends a minute to comment on your photo, they’ve invested their precious time, energy, resource, and a piece of their heart on you. Why not respond back, show your commitment and appreciation?
  • Ask questions. Show them that you care for them. Be highly interested in their opinions. If they suggest or recommend something, be sure to check it out and make an effort to show them that they matter.

And above all, be lovely, charming, and caring. Treat others like you would like to be treated. And everybody would love you.

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6. Consider buying Instagram followers

Buying Instagram followers is one of the simple ways to hack your path to stardom for several reasons.

First, when you buy more Instagram followers or likes, for example, you’ll be regarded as a famous person on social media. This is because only famous people get massive social media following.

Second, you’ll get social proof. Social proof is the art of getting more people to follow or like you, proofing to others that you’re worthy of being followed or liked. That will give you more leverage to win your marketing campaign, get more exposure to your brand, be celebrated by more people on social media.

Third, you’ll stand out from the crowd. Only a handful of people gets more followers on social media. The rest of the crowd get a minimal following. When you buy Instagram followers, you’ll get to stand out. You’ll look like a celebrity.

So, where should you buy Instagram followers and rise to stardom? Buy from reputable companies. For instance, at Quick Fans And Likes, we have different packages for our consumers.

You can buy up to 1, 500 Instagram followers with less than $15.

Buy instagram followers

And with less than $700, you can get up to a massive 120, 000 people to follow you on Instagram.

buy followers on instagram

Companies like QuickFansAndLikes can turn you into a celebrity in a day with a simple click. And then give you the power to sell more and grow your business online.

It’s your call.

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