Top Tips to Compose Instagram Square Photos

//Top Tips to Compose Instagram Square Photos

Top Tips to Compose Instagram Square Photos

How To Compose Stunning Square Photos?

Square photos have really become the important part of mobile photography because of huge popularity of Instagram.

Mobile photographers have really started to adapt with this unique photography format.

Here, you will find the best composition techniques to take stunning square photos to make your images noticeable.

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Instagram Square Photos


Keep Your Subject at the Center

In traditional photography, one of the most common mistakes in composing photos is placing the subject in the center of frame.

Most of the composition tutorials advise you to avoid placing your subject at the center.

But I always center the subject at the center and the structure is centered to add more emphasis at the center of photo.

Central placement of subject really works well in square photos because subject can grab the eyes of viewer.

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Fill the Whole Frame

When it comes to composing your photos, you have to consider the medium to display your photos.

Will the photo be seen on small screen? Are you creating wide framed print? If you want to showcase a unique object on your photo, you can let your subject to fill the whole frame of your photo.

Though you would basically put your subject in the context, you don’t have that benefit in squares.

Get the Most of Symmetry

For square photos, Symmetry is yet a new technique which works really well for square photos, even though it breaks the basic rules of composition.

Just like central placement of subject, symmetry is the best choice to put strong presence on the central subject which takes the whole visual weight of your photo.

Upgrade the Rule of Thirds

Instead of just placing “more for the edge” as compared to suggestions by the rule of thirds, it can be really very helpful to consider your square photos when it comes to smaller photos that are made by gridlines.

If your subject is standing or taller, there are different squares can be used into zones where subject can be placed centrally.

Divide your photos in smaller squares and combine them in zones.

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Applying Rule of Thirds? Be Careful

By far, the rule of thirds is the most popular composition technique.

When it works great for landscape photos, there are different times when it works in square format.

The rule of thirds really works nicely if you have large subjects.

If you have smaller subjects, you can move them towards the corner of photo to get better result.

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