Want to Use Instagram To Expand Your Business? Consider These Tips

//Want to Use Instagram To Expand Your Business? Consider These Tips

Want to Use Instagram To Expand Your Business? Consider These Tips

Are you looking for the ways to use short video or images to enhance your exposure? Are you thinking of creating a brand image to enhance your visibility on Instagram? Starting up your business on Instagram is quite straightforward.

Just sign up for an account, add a profile photo, and link to the website, connect your Instagram account to Facebook and attract your followers to follow you on Instagram.

But what you should do next which is difficult for several brands. These are the brand examples and Instagram Tips to capitalize on your business presence.

Know How to Use Instagram for Business

There are several businesses have been flocking to this social platform in huge numbers. In return, Instagram started its official blog “Instagram for Business”. It offers brand spotlights, tips, news from HQ, and API examples.

Balance Out Cool Images with Pictures from Your Business

According to Rachel Sprung, you should get the most of real estate with Instagram web page and tell a whole story with images.

Be sure to create a healthy balance of business pictures and fun images. A cool example is Anthropologie which has maintained a great balance with images.

Their followers like both business images and cool ones.

A picture of their own shoppers posing at the luncheon event of the company got 3457 likes and a puppy photo got 7640 likes.

To figure out what your followers love the most, be sure to track the engagement on images.

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Multiply the Following

You have to follow three basic tips to cultivate the following on Instagram –

  • Use popular, relevant hashtags
  • Connect your Facebook account
  • Follow others and like their photos to engage them

Cross-post the images selected to your Facebook business page with hashtag which aligns your brand image or campaign to attract people who don’t know that you are on Instagram.

Embed Instagram Videos in Your Website or Blog

Instagram launched a whole new embed feature for its web version last month. Along with examples for how and when to use videos, Mike Gingerich offers helpful tips. You never know who will notice your shares on social platform. So, you should embed your video in your website or blog to enhance your reach.

Getting Started with Videos

The recent Video on Instagram has become a serious competitor of Twitter’s Vine. A filter-enabled, 15-second, editable video works better than Vine’s 6.5 seconds.

Check how fashion industry has transfomed with instagram marketing

Follow Your Followers in Return

The people you are following on social media platforms can make all the change.

There are many brands on Instagram that don’t follow back. But you have to create sensible relationships with people on Instagram.

You have to find the people and brands you like and learn from them. Be sure that can follow you back.

Make a Flexible Schedule for Posting

It is not important to post every day on Instagram. The feed speed is usually laid back on Instagram.

If you post a lot on Instagram, you don’t like to force yourself in the noise a lot and you might saturate the feeds of your followers.

Find out what you have to create a schedule and remember what you want to post when and to figure out what works when you get going.

Inspire Your Potential Customers

According to Anna Colibri, you should post pictures which are relevant to your potential customers and brand.

This way, Whole Foods Market posts pictures of representatives to promote wholesome, healthy food items, sustainability, store events, and active community of their staff and customers.

Attract your market with images which share an inspiring and compelling story.

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Make the Most of Instagram Apps

Kay Tan suggests 20 apps which can enhance your capabilities of photo sharing.

There are different apps allow users to search tags, print images, and keywords, download all Instagram pictures in archive folder, and subscribe to profiles through email.

You can use these apps to make your profile an important part of your strategy of social media marketing.

Kickstart Your Efforts by Adding a Change in Perspective

In order to enhance the success rate of your brand, you have to get past your inherent interest in selling and do these things –

  • Create a distinct visual sense
  • Share a unique view to the world
  • Train your eyes and focus on what makes a provocative, great and engaging image
  • Capture things which are appealing to the brand and to the core customer.

Assign someone in your company to take care of your Instagram presence who understands how to align pictures with interests of target customer.

Put Together Use of No-Filter Images and Filter Types

In order to change the feel and look of your photos, there are different filters on Instagram.

According to a study, around 59% of top brands in the world are now active on this platform.

The filters are more than just about aesthetics. In fact they are here to tell more about you.

You may try out a new filter, shake things up every now and then, or choose the no-filter route.

Market Your Brand with Trends

Do you remember when #followfriday in Twitter seemed avant-garde? There are lots of trending hashtags for Instagrammers to join in a huge part of the storytelling of visual community.

This way, you have to find out a trending hashtag which is relevant to your streategy and participate with your brand images.

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Use Photo Contests with Facebook

You can host photo contests with hashtags on Instagram to organize RSS feed and submissions to follow with new posts when they are added.

To promote Instagram photo contest on Facebook page, Samsung Camera used #LiveInTheMoment hashtag. You can use status updates on Facebook to lure your fans to join in your photo contest.

Network on Instagram

People can connect with photos on Instagram. This way, here are the three basic ways to create your own network.

  • Follow your followers who are well established from other social platforms
  • Like photos of others and leave comments on their photos to enhance engagement.
  • If specific hashtags are used by your brands on Google+ or Twitter, also use them on Instagram.

Promote Your Business on both Instagram and Facebook

When a platform is bought by Facebook and Instagram, great things may happen. The duo provides a unique opportunity for promotion to the brands.

Brands can create Instagram videos, share to their Facebook pages and boost their presence into paid media which hits news feed.

They also boost photo or text based posts. This way, brands can reach over 818 million active mobile users on Facebook which dwarfs 130 million on Instagram.

It is offering great benefits from Instagram without advertising on this platform. It is all about sharing and capturing the world’s moments for now.

You may want to distribute them on the largest social network in the world. You can capitalize the world by integrating Facebook with Instagram to enhance your reach.

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Boost Your Profile

Just like on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms, Instagram profiles should include brand info in different ways, such as specific image sizes, maximum character count, and attention to branding.

You should keep your profile complete with all the info customers need to search for you and partner with you.

Qualify and Quantify

Wish to track progress of your brand? There are certain image analytics tools like Curalate and BlitzMetrics which provide detailed info.

Curalate can track the comments and likes of Instagram post so a brand can see how it translates into followers and capitalizes on the popularity.

A denim brand used it and pushed image as an ad on Facebook and it enhanced engagement of the brand on that platform.

All in all, you have to use image analytics tool to identify video and images which resonate with your followers and fans.

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Showcase Pictures of Your Staff

This way, you can give the behind the scenes insight of your company. You can show up your staff at work.

It also helps you celebrate staff and show how much valued they are.

Beaucoup Bakery is a great example that shares photos of their employees with #beaucrew hashtag.

You need to acknowledge success, skill sets and milestones of your staff members on Instagram.

Reward Your Followers

American Express provides backstage entries to its followers to the events like concerts, fashion shows, and US open.

Retail brands offer promos and discount codes to reward their followers.

You should offer perks to the followers so they regularly view content of your feed.

Provide Visual Experience to Your Followers

According to Sharpie, you can use your products to do something creative. Most of their pictures in their feeds showcase drawings in a lot of colors.

There is a creative way to show the use of the services and products of your company.

Record Major Brand moments

You can share your unique experiences on your brand, highlight advocates, preview products, co-create your content with audiences, extend the persona of your brand view video, showcase a specific cause, share important news, preview upcoming events with visual context, leverage video for promotion, drive promotional awareness, and create video which shows appreciation.

Capture the important moments of your company in videos and share with followers so they can feel indulged.

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Industry-Specific Hashtags

If you are at a location or event which is specified with a hashtag, add it to the pictures so the attendees and event coordinators can easily find the venue. Keep track on the relevance of your hashtags with Instagram analytics.

Nitrogram is an engagement platform which offers important metrics on hashtags like content, contributors, context and engagement.

Showcase Something New

ABC World News shares pictures of a broadcast they are doing later. So, you should give a first look to your followers or sneak peak of the event, news feature or product.

Enhance Your Exposure to Brands

It is important to follow other brands if you want to enhance exposure. You can use a great tool like Statigram to find out the hashtags and brands which relate to your brand.

Just enter a hashtag or brand name on the search bar and start your search. This tool is used to follow, find and research your rivals on Instagram.

Yuck It Up

When running a business needs efforts, dedication and sometimes frustration, it must never be about all work and no gain.

Instagram is ideal choice to show that you often have fun in the office and when you are outdoors and when having dinner or lunch with staff.

Share such types of images and speak volumes with followers. It not just shows that you are successful and happy in your career and you keep your work environment light.

If you believe in “All work and no Fun”, your brand may look dull on Instagram. So, add images which may show up your human nature to add stronger connections with followers.

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Balance Between Followers’ Images and Edit to Make a Longer Film

This way, LexusUSA has a great vision with 212 Instagrammers’ pictures with their #LexusInstafilm.

It edits a 3:44 Instagram video together to showcase 2014 Lexus IS. In this video, an Instagrammer says that LexusInstafilm is the best example of a community which works together on Instagram.

In short, you have to transform crowd-sourced images into a distinct video message which highlights and features the creativity of loyal followers.


As far as social media is concerned, brands are likely to have strong hold on managing Twitter and Facebook.

But Instagram is still challenging for most brands.

Well, some brands like Burberry and American Express know it very well how to lead this all-picture platform.

There are some brands which failed as they treated it an online catalogue to promote their products.

Followers love to see behind-the-scenes pictures on Instagram from their favorite brands which they can’t normally do in traditional forms of media.

For instance, Burberry posts cool images of the city where it is based, London, apart from behind-the-scenes photos and stills.

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