Who blocked me on Instagram

//Who blocked me on Instagram

Who blocked me on Instagram

Who blocked me on Instagram – How to find it?

Have you stopped receiving updates from your ex on your Instagram feed or not able to access his or her Instagram profile?

There is a major possibility that they have blocked your Instagram account.

Instagram has features that allow users to block people but there is no official way to check the blockers.

If you want to know who has blocked you on Instagram, read further to know the handy ways.

Search for their usernames:

The quickest way to find out if someone has blocked you is to type his or her username into the ‘Search’ bar of your Insta handle.

If the suspected person has a public account, you will be able to find his profile by putting his name on the search bar.

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Once you find the person and enter his profile, you should be able to see all his photos, videos, and other updates.

If you are not able to find any posts or picture on the concerned person’s Instagram profile, instead see “No photos or videos yet!” written on the profile, you might have been blocked by him.

If the suspected blocker has turned his Instagram account Private, you will not be able to find his profile by normal search.

To see whether he has blocked you, you have to find a mutual friend’s profile that shares a post with the person whom you suspect has blocked you.

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 Try to ‘Follow’ the person

On finding the suspected person’s profile, try to follow them on Instagram by tapping the blue button.

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If you are blocked, no matter how many times you tap on the follow option, nothing will occur.

This method is not much effective to check for a high number of un-followers or blockers.

Create a new account:

If you are unable to access, the profile of the suspected users that means ‘Unfollowing’ has taken place for sure.

To confirm whether he has blocked you or his profile is deactivated, you can create a new account on Instagram and then use the ‘Search’ function to find the person’s profile.

If you can find the concerned person’s profile from your new account, it is almost certain that your original account is blocked.

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Find them through tagged photos

One of the easiest ways to find private accounts that don’t appear in normal search is by using tags.

Look for Instagram posts from both of your mutual friend who has shared a post tagging the concerned person.

If a simple taping on the tag takes you to the profile of the suspected person, that means he has not blocked you.

However, if you won’t be able to see any of his post on his Instagram profile, it’s obvious that he has blocked you.

Find out using apps

To know exactly who has un-followed you or not following you back, there are third-party applications such as Unfollowgram, InstaFollow etc available online for iOS and Android users.

These applications notify you when any of your Instagram followers has unfollowed you, which happens automatically when you are blocked.

Search from your friend’s account

To confirm if someone has blocked you, request your friend to look for the suspected person’s account from his or her Instagram profile.

If your friends can find that person’s account from his profile, but you cannot, it is almost certain that you have been blocked.

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Your DMs will not reach them

Once you have found out that someone has blocked you, you would obviously want to know the reason.

While you have the option to send them Direct Message on Instagram, the concerned person will not receive any of them.

You will be able to see the messages in your chat history but the DMs will not appear in the chat box of the person who has blocked you.

Why Would You Want to Block Someone?

This could be as you may want to stop some specific person from accessing your posts, pictures or contact you. Therefore, if you are blocked, there is no use of sending any private messages to him on Instagram.

What Can You Do Now?

If someone blocks your Instagram account, there is not really much you can do on this social media platform.

If you badly want to track the user who blocked you on Instagram, you can use your friend’s account that is following the same person, to view his or her posts or even send them a private message.

If this is not an option for you, the next thing you can do is to look for their email address or mobile number to contact them directly.

Alternatively, you can even try Instagram Private Viewers that claim to let you see private Instagram accounts as well as profiles of people who have unfollowed you or blocked you.

If you are not able to see pictures and posts on the user’s Instagram profile who, you believed has blocked or not getting any update for a long time from someone, don’t straightway jumps to a conclusion and believe that they have blocked you.

Unless you are acquainted with the user who has blocked you or feel that there is some confusion, it is better to not invade their privacy.

When it comes to safeguard your privacy and ensure the safety of users on Instagram, the importance of its blocking feature of comes into play.

With the help of this blocking function, Instagram not only enables its users to avoid spammers but it also keeps this platform a safe place to connect with millions of known and unknown people around the world.

Instead of looking for unethical ways to reach the person who has blocked you, try these above-mentioned tricks to find out who has blocked you.

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