Why Every Brand Should Consider Investing in Instagram?

//Why Every Brand Should Consider Investing in Instagram?

Why Every Brand Should Consider Investing in Instagram?

Despite the fact your business needs it or not, it is very important to be active on social media.

Nowadays, people can find out more info about you only through your page.

For marketers, it is going to be a powerful platform and most have wrong belief that Instagram is not helpful if you want to sell physical products.

It all depends upon how you are connecting to people and it has nothing to do with what your offerings are. You can really market your product if you have one.

In this technologically-driven world, it is difficult to believe that only a few people still don’t use this medium to get the most of it. If you don’t keep up with evolving trends, you may be lost in the web.

The power of Instagram marketing lies in the ability to make your offering feel personal and real to the followers.

You may have heard that a picture speaks a thousand words several times and you need to get the most of images as marketers as the part of marketing strategy.

Instagram has 400 million monthly users and 75 million daily active users. Around 90% of users are younger than 35 years. Around 53% of daily US users are around 18 to 29 years old.

It can be a huge platform to increase traffic to your site, product sales and brand awareness. If you are still in doubt, these points may hopefully convince you.

Instagram Investing

Convey Your Best Message

People love to give suggestions and talk about brands and products to their friends. For instance, just because a user follows you, it is not important that they want to buy a coffee mug.

If they find that their friends followed you, they will definitely refer your profile or share link with them. So, you can get word of mouth for your business. 

Communication can either be bad or good. If it is good, it is good for your business or brand.


If people don’t know about your brand, how it is possible to increase sales? If you want your brand to get found in the market, you can seek help of Instagram.

It is a great way to aware millions of users about your brand. Suppose you want to order a Smartphone, which brand strikes in your mind? Samsung, Apple, Moto? This is because they have enhanced awareness of their brand in the market.

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Customer Satisfaction

As an active user, you can build a trust factor of your business. Stay in touch with your customers constantly through Q&As and blogs to keep them engaged.

You have to stay active on social media in order to enhance engagement, to teach them about your products, and to know them. It is completely possible with a medium like Instagram.

To Keep Up with Competitors

Your competitors and customers are found on this social platform, why shouldn’t you? It is very important to stay active also on other social networks.

You should check out the website of your competitor and know about their interaction level and posts with customers.

They will give you a few helpful ideas. No matter your rivals are active or not, you need to keep up with modern modes of marketing.

Improved Search Ranks and Traffic

It is no wonder that increased social media activity can help drive traffic. In this process, you can enjoy more interaction and more online activity with the users.

The more online activity, the more interaction with the users, and it will increase visitors for your site and you can enjoy good search rank.

If you mention other social media links to your site, users will think that you stay up to date with latest trends.

Have Fun along the Way

One of the best parts of Instagram is that you can have some fun along the way, no matter what you are doing. If you don’t love what you do and just look everything with a business point of view, you will get fewer outcomes.

So, it is wise to make it fun and useful for the promotion of your business. This photo sharing website can keep growing and it has around 150 million users. The expansion and growth you are witnessing is just the beginning. It will soon have a position among other social media channels.

When looking at it closely, you can easily see Instagram is going to be the next marketing tool after Twitter and Facebook.

It will be helpful for your business to reach the new heights. It combines the potential of mobile and images and it will be used to market your products.

So, you need to be ready even if you are not on Instagram and you will soon use it in future. Today, you cannot build a brand without an effective strategy.

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Instagram vs. Facebook – Which One is Better Marketing Tool?

Around 93% of marketers choose Facebook as their only social network. Since Facebook keeps on getting saturated with marketers, the company ended up to reduce organic reach.

Facebook is one of the important social media platforms for brands.

But the rapid growth of Instagram is capturing the huge attention of the top ecommerce brands. As compared to Facebook, users have higher interactions on Instagram with brands.

Instagram is used by only 36% of online marketers. This way, smart brands are gaining traction with Instagram.

Facebook is considered to be the king of social media. But when most users are here to interact with friends, you need to reach your followers and Instagram seems to be more viable.

Instagram enjoys unrestricted marketing reach. You can reach and engage followers once you attract them.

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Not all Instagram users are teenagers who click away the pages mindlessly. Most of them are there to spend money. Instagram has $10 higher Order Value than Facebook.

No matter what you do, it should be beneficial for the business. You can also buy some likes and followers to develop your status. We hope that these points are enough to explain why you should invest on this photo-sharing platform.

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